Sunday, November 7, 2010

What are You Focused On?: The Unexpected Gift of an Accident

For months now, the horses have been trying to get me to focus.

It started with a shamanic journey vision where I felt the pure power of focused intent when I sat astride a gorgeous white horse. Galloping together, I sensed the powers of manifestation that become available when our thoughts & feelings combine and stay focused on a heart-felt vision.

I was inspired by the uplifting vision, yet still, I ignored it. There were parts of myself that simply weren't ready to stand fully in my I continued on, with a blurry vision, distracting myself in ingenious ways.

Till the other week, when I hopped on our 2 year-old Jaren, with the intent of simply having Greg walk us to the arena. For the first time ever, I asked him to walk us alongside of Frolic. The four of us made our way down the little slope to the arena, not terribly focused.

In a flash, Jaren tripped and fell all the way down in front. Bareback and unprepared, I slid up onto the middle of his neck. For a moment, his head was so close to the ground that I could have just stepped off his neck, no worse for the wear.

But I didn't react quickly enough.

Trying to decide the best course of action, I didn't act at all. That is, until Greg's screaming broke the fog, "Get off! Get off! Get off!!!"

So I bailed, at just the moment when Jaren flung his neck up trying to get on his feet. I flew a few feet to the side, landing on my hip, sliding to a stop in the gravel.
The physical effect? Massive road rash accompanied by the worst bruise I've ever had. OUCH!

Stunned, I walked off the pain and nausea in small circles as the 2 horses stood staring at me with concern in their eyes.

Not my best moment. For a few days, as I cringed with pain every time I moved, I was tempted to chalk it up to being an accident, Jaren being 2 years old and all.

But given that Frolic herself had tripped and fallen to her knees with me a few months previously (luckily I didn't come off then), I knew better than to tune out.

Instead, through meditative journeying, I tuned in to the soul level to discover the meaning of this "accident."

What I discovered was my next lesson on the effect of Focus.

Yup, the trip had indeed happened due to a lapse in focus- on all of our parts.

Distracted, it was easy for Jaren, whose uncoordinated youth combined with a bumpy slope to create disaster. And we, the humans, had not supported him by creating the environment to help him focus.

My guides thought that this incident could be a "sharp reminder" of the physical effects of a lack of focus. Sharp for sure!, I laughed. It was skin penetrating!

With the pain and discolored bruise, my guides hoped to help awaken me from my self-enforced fog of unfocused-ness.

Sometimes, some of us need more than a gentle prod, when we've ignored the earlier, more subtle suggestions.

But still, given that this was the second time a horse went down with me, I wondered if there was something deeper, so I pressed for more.

What I saw was a past life I shared with Jaren. It was a long time ago, a Mongolian lifetime and we were riding at the end of a caravan traveling up a snowy mountain, in the dark. In this vision, Jaren showed me that he was so tired. We both were.

And, in a sleepy moment of unfocused attention, Jaren's foot slipped off the path- with disastrous effects. We both fell over the side of the mountain, falling, end over end, to our freezing deaths.

Then Jaren brought my attention to our hips- a place we both have chronic pain. He showed me that the rotating fall down the mountain created misalignment and pain in that lifetime. That pain pattern- which was currently manifested in his right hind and was also the same hip I bruised, was still somehow related to a lack of focus in this life.

I got the sense that the fall in this lifetime, in addition to highlighting the need for increased focus, was also meant to bring forward a past life pattern, one with current life symptoms, which needed healing- for us both.
What an unexpected gift!
So, I stood with Jaren and tuned into the healing space. I allowed what wanted to happen to unfold, a mix of tending to his body with energy and tuning into mine, with healing hand positions and stretching. I was asked to hold the intention of "unraveling" on many occasions. Then I sat upon him and walked, allowing the shifts in our systems to be anchored together.

As we walked in circles, I became aware of a figure 8 pattern of energy that wanted to connect our hearts. It was drawn, coming up from his heart, diagonal through mine, up over my head, crossing diagonally down through mine and into his again- repeatedly. I allowed this connection to settle in deeply, breathing in the bliss.

This is an energetic connection you can use with your horse too- anytime you want to become united, heart to heart.
Afterward, Jaren appeared more sound in the hind end on the lunge then he has for quite some time. And the pain in my body felt eased, creating a more natural straightness.

Of course, I was left in awe of the amazing opportunities that underlie what seemed to be an "accident." A grand reminder to us all that there are so many gifts waiting to be claimed when we take a moment to go deeper into whatever life presents, even when it's painful!

Readers: What unexpected gift or lesson did you find within an "accident"? How have horses helped you discover the power of focus? Please share!

Ready to put the Power of Focus to work in your life? Stay tuned for a brand new offering: Manifesting Your Heart's Desires, brought to you by a Wizard Horse! Coming soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chosen by a Horse: Healing the Inner Child

Sometimes profound healing is awaiting, nestled into a common moment.

One of those moments was about to occur….

As I walked into the arena to take my turn experimenting with the energetic boundaries of horse, I had no idea that Little Jenn had tagged along.

Little Jenn is the name I’ve given my inner child, that part of each of us that holds both the brilliant innocence of Being as well as our early Sacred Wounds.

I thought I was simply entering the arena to try out what I had learned about Energetic Boundaries from Sharon Bringleson, Advanced Epona Instructor and facilitator of the weekend workshop I was attending at Mustang Hollow, in Nunn, Colorado.

I had low expectations for how the horse would respond to me, having watched the horse in the arena, Aria, a gorgeous black with 4 white socks and a blaze, mostly ignore the previous participant, as she continued to scavenge the remainder of the season’s dry weeds at the perimeter of the fence.

We had simple instructions to play with Energetic Boundaries, the concept that all of us- horses and humans- have bubbles of energy that surround us and extend a variety of distances, based on the individual and the circumstance.

Sharon had explained that when someone enters our bubble, we display an automatic, nonvoluntary sign- a blink of an eye, a tail swish, a head raise. Horses have several layers to their bubble, one typically at 40 feet, another at 20, and several closer to the body- all assisting them as prey creatures to stay safe in a predatory world, conveying the information they need to keep protected.

Our job was to simply approach the horse and when we felt we had crossed an energetic boundary- either by sensing it in our bodies, or noticing a sign from the horse- to pause, rock back, and take a big deep breathe. We were not to proceed closer to the horse until we felt we had permission.

Such an exercise, in contrast to how we normally directly approach our horse without asking for permission, can offer a deep sense of respectful partnership to a horse. It’s a clear sign that we are giving him a choice in the matter: Is it ok to play today?

After I strode into the arena, I took a big breathe and settled into my body, staying in tune with my inner sensations. I felt a little nervous, “Who knows how she will react to me.” And became aware that there was a part of me that wanted her to like me and was all together uncertain that she would.

As I crossed into Aria’s 40 foot boundary, she gave me the subtlest of signals, only rolling an eye up and toward me, never pausing from her fastidious weed nibbling. If I wasn’t paying close attention, I would have missed it.

In that moment, I rocked back, and breathed out. Her response? She immediately took a few steps toward me, and continued grazing.

“Hmm,” I thought, “that was nice. It worked. I offered her respect and she came toward me.”

After a moment, I began walking slowly toward her again, carefully tuned into the next sign that I had hit one of her boundaries. At about 20 feet, there it was again: the slightest roll of her eye toward mine.

I instantly paused, stepped back, and released a sigh. Once more, she returned my gesture by walking towards me a few steps before returning to her weed obsession.

I noticed that I was slightly surprised that it was working exactly as it should. And I was pleased by our growing sense of mutual respect.

One more time, I began the dance of tuning into her boundaries and this time it worked exactly as before, only now, she strode right up to me, close enough for me to brush her side with my hand as she passed by to investigate what was left to be nibbled behind me.

I had to admit that I was amazed that such a subtle dance of respect had worked so easily and smoothly: by offering my respect for her, she offered her acceptance of me. From there a real partnership could be built.

I left the arena pleased, a part of me relieved that the horse had responded to me in the hoped-for way.

Next, Aria left our company and another horse was brought into the arena, a taller, handsome black horse with a white star named Soleil.

Soleil was new to the Epona work. Previously labeled “dangerous” and slated for the killers, the owner of Mustang Hollow, Robin Davis, had rescued him and begun the process of leading the horse back to himself.

He had since not shown any aggression towards humans. Yet, due to the previous rude and abusive treatment, he was still not quite convinced that he had a choice when it came to a human approaching him, so he often didn’t respond at all when a human entered his 40 foot or 20 foot boundary.

I went in second to play with this magnificent steed, and as I entered the arena I was acutely aware of my limiting belief: “The first time was a fluke.”

I didn’t dare to hope it would work the same way as it did with Aria. Clearly, I didn’t expect “success.”

I tuned into that vulnerability as Little Jenn snuck in, those were her beliefs, not being sure of her worth.

But Soleil had a different belief in mind.

This time, the process unfolded magically, even more powerfully than the first.

It took only two turns of him reacting, my pausing and breathing, for him to walk straight to me!
It was like my heart had magnetically connected to his and drew him to me from over 20 feet away!

As he entered my energetic boundary, close to my heart, I let out a wild spontaneous giggle right from my soul, and blushed. That sound of pure delight came directly from Little Jenn, who in that moment felt intimately “SEEN.”

Soleil smelled my hands, curious about me. Then he settled in to stand next to me, seemingly content to just be in my presence.

As I breathed in the comfortable connection, all of those moments of childhood invisibility melted. Gone was the sense that there was no one to notice me, no one to care about my needs.

As the fears and doubts dissolved, in their place was the knowing that I was worthy. Worthy to be chosen by a horse.

Little Jenn sighed, and giggled once more at the pure joy of the moment. At the fulfillment of being CHOSEN.

And I, once more was elated at the magical transformational powers of horse. Of their ability to coax forward our deepest wounds, uncover with clarity the inaccuracy of our earliest misguided conclusions, and restore our spirits to their rightful wholeness.

All within a simple, singular moment of connection, heart to heart, providing just what the soul needs for self-righting, correcting the course, leading us back to ourselves.

Thank you Aria and Soleil for bringing me back to the very essence of my Magnificent Self.

Readers: How has horse helped heal your inner child? Please share!

Learn more about programs at Robin Davis' Mustang Hollow and Epona Advanced Instructor Sharon Bringleson. Or discover our healing with horses programs at Happily Ever After Ranch- where the healing heart of horse awaits you!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seren’s Message: Do you have an Embracing Heart?

You never know what the Healing Herd has in store for you.

The other day a friend and I were hanging with the herd, quietly tuning into what needed to shift within ourselves.

My friend noticed that Seren really wanted her to understand something about the dog we've been dog-sitting, Max, over yonder engaged in his favorite outdoor activity- eating horse manure.

Over and over, Seren would nudge her and point to Max. My friend had been focused on her heart space, but wasn’t sure exactly what Seren meant to say.

So I tuned in, and here was Seren’s message for her.

“Be more like Max. His future is uncertain. He doesn’t know if he’s staying here or leaving. Yet, he has opened his heart. He loves fully. He doesn’t hold back. He stays in the moment, embracing this family with his whole heart-no matter what may come.”

Then Seren nudged my chest, “You too! You need to practice this too.”

“And while you are at it,” Seren continued, with a bit of earnest irony to her tone, “Tell the rest of humanity to work on this too. Boy, they need it!”

“But how?,” my friend wondered, it’s not so easy in the real world.

Seren had a ready reply, “Start with your herd. First thing in the morning, be with them, and open your heart among them. Get the loving flow between all of you. Soak it in. From that space, start your day.”

Then Seren shot me “The Look.”

I felt a little admonished, knowing that she has previously encouraged me to begin my days this way, but I had yet to take her up on her advice.

Hey, I’m seriously not a morning person!

But her point was taken: Sage wisdom from the matron of the Healing Herd….

That happiness is to be found in every moment, with an open heart, embracing the possibilities that come from savoring what is in front of you, not needing it to be any different, yet offering our compassionate love no matter what the circumstances.

Yup, letting the love flow. Filling the space with love.

It’s why we are here.

To transform every experience with the uplifting energy of unconditional love.

Don’t have a herd or can’t be with them in the morning? Not a problem!

Simply close your eyes and ask you horse(s) or the Spirit Horse Herd to join you, and the essence of the Heart of Horse will help fill you with love. All you need is a clear intention.

How has horse helped you step into unconditional love? Please share!

Friday, September 24, 2010

An Equinox Opportunity: Healing with the Pegasus Energy

Recently, we went to go look at a horse for Greg. Before we met him, I decided to tune into his energy to learn more about him. Using Shamanic Journeying, I went into a meditative space to meet him on a soul level.

I wasn’t really prepared for what I was about to discover.

Upon entering the Land of Horse, I was greeted by one of my new guides, Promise, the baby Pegasus, I’ve written about recently.

Promise took me through the field, to a beautiful garden glen.
There I was introduced to a glorious horse, the Spirit of the horse we were to meet.

He was a beautiful, glowing golden color, with the wide wings of a Pegasus. Not only that, but he was surrounded by baby Pegasus’. In fact, he was in charge of a Pegasus nursery!

Who knew those existed!

I tuned into the knowing that he was responsible for overseeing the Pegasus energy entering the earth plane. “Wow! What a responsibility,” I thought.

Then he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. Of course I took him up on the offer.

Lately I had been wondering a lot about the difference between Pegasus energy, which we are surrounded by at the ranch, and Unicorn energy.

My gorgeous Pegasus guide was about to answer that question, as we rode into a secluded nook of the enchanted forest whose crowing jewel was a spectacular Rainbow Waterfall and Pool.

As my guide invited me to slip off of his back and into the pool, he explained, “Pegasus’ embody this beautiful rainbow energy.”

As I entered the pool, I could feel the tingly sensations of it’s healing energy.

He showed me that it was a powerful healing tool. He spoke, “Since it contains the full spectrum of colors & vibrations of energy, it has the ability to heal and balance all conditions.”

“You should spend some time every day in this pool,” he suggested.

“And please bring people here,” he requested, making reference to the healing meditations that I create.

Indeed! I promised that I would before we departed back to this Consciousness.

After this amazing journey, I was pretty sure this was a horse destined to join our healing herd. But after meeting him in person, we decided it was not meant to be.

However, what we learned about the Pegasus energy is the perfect accompaniment to the Autumn Equinox energies which are currently upon us!

This time between the 2010 Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice in December is an especially powerful time for transforming old patterns and stuck energies. We are all being asked to release everything that no longer serves us as we journey to the possibilities of higher consciousness.

The Pegasus Rainbow Energy is here to help anyone who wishes to call upon it’s healing powers. Ask a Pegasus to be your guide to the Rainbow Waterfall and intend for your own healing for the highest good. Spend a few moments a day in the rainbow energy from now till December, and allow all that is no longer YOU to dissolve!

Now is the time to step into your Magnificent Self, with Pegasus as your guide!

A guided healing meditation with Pegasus and the Rainbow energy will be available as a download soon! Stay tuned.

What did you discover on your own journey with Pegasus to the Rainbow Waterfall? Please share!

Monday, September 20, 2010

What’s Standing Between You and Unity with Your Horse?

Sometimes there is something standing between you and the unity you crave with your horse. Oftentimes you aren’t even aware of it!

That’s what was happening with me and Charm lately. A near accident on Frolic had brought up my old nerves. And now, a previously vanquished fear was rearing it’s ugly head, especially with Charm- my Power horse.

Charm does that- highlights where I have given up my power.

So when it came time to try out my new “Unity with Horse” healing meditation, I decided to do it with Charm.

As Charm stood sentinel over my head, it took only a few minutes into the healing journey, before I got in touch with the deep sadness that was hiding beneath the fear.

Almost instantly, I could feel the depth of the sadness, bringing tears to my eyes, sobs tightening my chest.

In a moment, it was clear that in response to fear, I had previously shut down my heart. And now as I peered deep inside, I could sense that part of my heart still remained imprisoned- the bars clearly keeping me from fully connecting with Charm.

As the healing journey guided me to ask for Charm’s input on how to shift this block, Charm sent me a picture of the Little Jenn (what I call my inner child), running toward me with a giant Daisy. The image captured the essence of Innocence and Purity- that heart space that children automatically connect from.

I breathed in the essence of pure innocence- that place from which unconditional love most readily springs, as I anchored that energy into my heart.

Then I tuned into my horse, to see where she may be mirroring the same energy, carrying it for me, as our most beloved animal companions often do.

I saw that her heart was partially shut down too, waiting for mine to reopen so we could stand united in love, together.

And with that recognition, a giant rainbow came spiraling out from her heart, connecting us both in the gorgeous energy of heart connection. I stood next to her, my arm draped over her whither, and allowed it to soak into my heart.

Mmmm, yummy.

Then the healing journey continued, asking me to tune into where this same block was showing up in other areas of my life. I immediately saw my husband Greg and knew that I had partially shut down with him as well- there were pieces of my heart that were being held back.

And it was time to offer them to him fully.

As I saw that vision, I allowed the rainbow energy of love, innocence, and purity to stream through all of us (he was there with us, reading the meditation out loud for me), connecting us all in unconditional love.

United, I knew the fear was never needed, not really. And that all I ever needed to be connected to those I loved, whether horse or human, was to show up with my heart in my hand, ready to offer myself fully, unconditionally.


How have you released obstacles between you and your horse? Please share!

Ready to dissolve the blocks between you and unity with your horse? This Healing Journey will be ready as a downloadable audio meditation soon!

When I used the journey the next day to facilitate a healing circle, several people who came with their own horses were able to make profound shifts of transformation, both for themselves and their steeds!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Creating Harmony in the Herd

Lately there has been discontent in the herd.

The signs were loud and clear with lots of really ugly bite marks and bruising kicks.

Not the kind of normal warning nips, but flat out, “I’m pissed off” gouges being gifted, especially on our two youngest herd members, Frolic & Jaren.

It went on for a few weeks and the horse’s hides were starting to look battle worn.

I figured it was time to tune into the real reason, so when my new friend and colleague, animal communicator Karen Cantrell called, I asked her to check in.

“They are all fighting to be seen as equal and worthy.” Karen explained.

“They all want to be equal contributing members to the healing done at the ranch,” she continued.

And further, she informed me that the outer strife was a mirror for my inner strife.

“Each of them needs to feel confident in their own unique abilities to help, without being compared to anyone else. They need to feel valued and appreciated for what they have to offer. And they need to stand in their worth and shine their Truth, without fear- just like you.”

Of course, all of that starts on the inside- owning your power, offering your gifts, and continuing on, no matter what others have to say about it. Ok- I'm still practicing that one!

So, out I headed to the herd with my husband, to have a heart to hearts chat.

I stood next to Frolic, who was recovering from an especially nasty kick to the hock, that was still swollen. And Jaren hung his head right over my husband’s shoulder, eager to listen. Seren and Charm stood a little bit away.

Out loud, I told them how much we loved them all, that each of them had such unique gifts and that we appreciated all of their talents equally. I let them know there was no need to fight among themselves, because I saw each of them for who they really were and I valued them as individuals for everything they brought to us and the ranch’s work. I asked them to cease the battle- reminding them that harmony was important for us all to thrive.

There were sighs, yawns, licking & chewing all around, as we connected with each of them as individuals, heart to heart.

I had hoped my message was heard loud and clear.

It was.

The next day all four horses stood in the shade of the shed for the very first time ever!

Usually Charm hogs it all and lets the others bake in the mid-day heat. Sometimes she lets in number 2, Seren. But almost always Frolic and Jaren are left out.

But not that day- they all made room: four horses in harmony, enjoying the cooling refreshment of the shade.

My heart sung.

The Gift: Speak to your herd from the heart and they will understand you!

What heart truth have you shared with your horse or herd and how did it shift things? Please share!

Thanks to Karen for helping to facilitate this herd healing! Need some help tuning into your own animal's truth? Check out Karen's website. She's a gifted intuitive & healer.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Join us for Embodying Your Brilliance!: A PlayDay with Horses

Join in the fun at the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative’s Fall Meet & Greet!

Play games with horses, enjoy a yummy potluck, and network with other horse lovers. Then enjoy an Interactive Adventure designed to help you Embody Your Brilliance, including an
equine-guided healing journey and yoga with horses!

Bring your horse or enjoy one of ours.
Come for all or part of the day.

Sunday Sept 12, 11 am – 3:30 pm
Happily Ever After Ranch, NE Parker, CO
Free for HHC Members, only $10 for non-members.

RSVP Required by Thursday Sept 9: Email

About Your Guest Presenters

Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D.

A Clinical Psychologist, Equine-Assisted Coach, and founder of the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch, Jenn’s passion is helping people dissolve their blocks to success so they can reclaim their magnificence. She also aids horse-lovers in taking their bond with horse to the next level, so they can create success from the
barn to the boardroom to the bedroom.


Kerry Borcherding, MA

A Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist, Transpersonal Counselor, Wilderness Therapist, and yoga instructor, Kerry has spent her life in the company of horses and has personally experienced the healing power inherent in them. Because of this, she is passionate and committed to bringing horses and humans into relationship.



11:00 Arrive (Several temporary 16 X16 foot pipe stalls available if needed. Email for info.)

11:30-12:30 Games with Horse (on Horseback if you bring your horse or on foot with our horses). Let your inner child out to play with your best buddy horse!

1:00-2:00 Potluck - bring a yummy dish or snack to share.

2:15-3:30 Interactive Adventure: Embodying Your Brilliance - an experiential activity including Equine-Guided Healing and Yoga with Horses. (Use your horse or enjoy one of ours). Discover the Gift that Horse is offering to you at this point in your life, clear obstacles to reclaiming that gift, and embody the new energies through guided exercises, movement, and yoga with the Horses.

Grab and friend and experience the magic of playing with horses!

For More info:,,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where's Your Promise?

As most of you know- we are surrounded by animals here at the ranch: 4 horses, 5 cats, and 2 dogs, each a healer in their own right.

But what you might not know is that we are also blessed with the presence of a menagerie of a different sort!

A Mystical Menagerie of animal guides, sometimes known as spirit guides or totem animals. Revered throughout the world in shamanic traditions, animal guides reside in the spirit realm offering you the knowledge, strength, guidance, and healing you need to move forward.

We often have one or more with us since birth, and acquire the guidance of others for specific periods of time during our journey through life, particularly when new skills, qualities, or energies are needed.

I’ve been honored to learn not only from my earth bound animal friends, but from many magical animal companions, such as black panther, golden eagle, red tail hawk, lion, and others.

But I’m always surprised when a new animal spirit makes it’s presence known- usually through mediation, or as it’s known in the shamanic tradition, journeying- when our logical mind takes a break and allows in deeper images and guidance.

Recently, during a laid back meditation, I was pleased to make the acquaintance of a baby Pegasus whom I had not seen before. Adorable and playful, I wasn’t quite sure why he had arrived. Although I could tell what energy he was carrying, I couldn’t quite make out his name and wasn’t sure of his purpose.

But it wouldn’t be long before I had the answers to all of those questions and more!

About a week later, I entered a meditation to get some guidance for our upcoming healing circle about Transcending Your Sacred Wound. Since these circles incorporate our Healing Herd, I always travel in my imagination to the Land of Horses to receive their guidance.

Once there, I was greeted by none other than my little baby Pegasus once more! This time, he proudly and very clearly stated that his name was Promise. And that he wanted to lead the next healing circle because he was carrying the energy that was needed.

In fact, it was the gorgeous pure energy of Innocence that we all carry as Children before any wounding takes place. He embodied the Hope that comes with the Pure Potential that is seeded in each of our hearts. But more than hope really, he stands for the Limitless Possibilities that are within our grasp when we know our Worth and embody our True Selves.

I had to agree with him- Promise was the perfect name and he was the ideal guide for our Circle, since we’d be working with our Inner Child to reclaim all that he embodied.

Do your inner child a favor, sit for a moment and feel the essence of the word Promise.

Not what one could promise and then not follow through on. Not the broken promises that can be evoked by this word.

No, let’s those associations go.

Instead call up the pure, simple essence of Promise: that of Limitless Potential.

Breathe that in for a moment.

Feels nice, huh?

Where did your pure Promise go?
Why did you hide it?
What did you give up so you could be safe?
And most importantly, do you want it back?

I hope so, because it’s your birthright and it’s high time you reclaimed it!

And besides, Promise is waiting to lead you back to yourself!

So join us for our next Full Moon Equi-Healing Circle, where Promise will help you rediscover your original promise by aiding you in Transcending your Sacred Wound.

Sunday, Aug 22, 4:30 pm.
More Info: Transcending Your Sacred Wound

Can’t make the August circle, but want your own Promise back?

Not to worry, we’ll soon have a Guided Healing Meditation from Promise that you can use any time, any where to shed your False Self and embody your True Self once more- all full of innocent radiance and endless possibility!

Or come out to the September Circle, where you can meet your very own Equine Spirit Guide and begin your own enlightenment adventure! That Guided Healing Meditation audio will be available after September too.

Join us in standing in your own Promise so you can give your gifts to the world! It is time and the Healing Herd waits to assist!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is Your Perspective Uplifting?

It’s been slow on the riding front this summer. Early in the season Charm got a respiratory cold, then she fell in the pasture and couldn’t move her neck!

Today was the first day I put a saddle back on her so we can start getting back in shape together.

Because we are basically starting over and she’s still in recovery for her neck injury, I made sure to tell her that we would only do as much as she felt comfortable with.
Today I would follow her lead.

And off we went.
Except we kept stopping.
Stopping and standing. And refusing to move. Which isn’t like her.
I realized that every time we stopped we were facing the house from a different part of the fields next door.

Whenever I notice an interesting pattern of behavior, I assume the horse is trying to tell me something.

So instead of insisting she move off, I got quiet and listened.

After 3 or 4 stops admiring our house from different angles afar, this was what I heard:

“These are all different perspectives. Yet they all hold
the truth.

Depending on which one you focus on, you see something different.

Your job is to focus on the perspective that creates the
most upliftment, at any give time.”

Pretty profound.

Then she continued,

“It’s a bit too easy to focus on the angle that gives you

But then THAT will be your reality.

What you focus on, upliftment or frustration, creates your reality. It’s your choice.”

Indeed, she was right.

Especially lately, it’s been super easy to slide into what I see in front of me that is not to my liking- which slides me further into un-ease.

I appreciated her reminder that in each moment, we can choose a new perspective- the one that lifts us up, and guides us to where we’d rather be rather than where we’ve become stuck.

A little while later we arrived in the dip of a hill. Stopping once more, I could only see the top half of the house.

Charm continued,

“That too could be your truth for the moment. It is a perspective.

But if you choose to focus on that, you’d miss the larger truth that there is indeed a whole house waiting for you!”

What a powerful message of freedom! You choose!

What larger perspective of positive possibility have you been missing?
Have you been choosing the angle that uplifts or constrains?

Indeed, what reality will you create today?
Readers: What perspective has your horse reminded you of lately? Please share!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did YOU Reclaim your Soul Purpose with Power, Passion, & Playfulness!?

A huge shout of of THANKS to everyone who came out for our inaugural Full Moon Equi-Healing Circle last week!

And more thanks to Gavin Hughes for his powerful Shamanic drumming, and our assistant organizer Jen Tomas for her healing energies!

It was truly an honor and a blessing to preside over the activities of this magical evening- they touched the depths of my soul!

We began with a guided meditation where participants got in touch with the energy that their Soul Name is carrying, they reclaimed their Soul Title (or soul purpose), dissolved a block standing in the way of moving ahead on their mission, and they discovered a Soul Tool to help them leap forward with power, passion, and playfulness.

Whew! And that was just the beginning!

Then we went outside under the moon for a powerful, mystical ritual with the horses.

And let me tell you, this ritual was more powerful than even I expected!!!

I was treated to tingles all night long, as each Circle member mounted a horse, came before the tribe, and stood in their power by proclaiming their Soul Name, Energy, Purpose, Block, and Tool.

The group acted as a Mirror, echoing each member's Truth, then we sent them symbolically forward on their soul path with their new tool, as they walked 2 circles atop the horse of their choice- with the horses helping them to integrate the new energies.

It was remarkable to feel the spine chills as the group affirmed each members true soul purpose, and the horses provided additional confirmation, as they yawned and shook their heads at the exact same moment for each member.

This experience brought home to me the deep importance and healing gift of being recognized by our Tribe, for the unique service we've come here to provide to Humanity.

It's so powerful to hold a mirror up so that people can see themselves, and feel their Light, more clearly.

We are so infrequently truly SEEN, and even less, deeply acknowledged and appreciated for Who We Really Are- that a ritual like this can be life-altering, giving us the confidence we need to commit to walking our soul path with our heads held high, and our hearts open in service to all we've come here to do.

It was also remarkable to notice how each member of this evening's circle had a different soul purpose, yet each role seemed to come together for the good of the tribe- each person's gifts weaving a beautiful tapestry of support for the whole.

It was a perfect microcosm of what's True in our larger Tribe.

And imagine the power if we all stood within our Human Tribes, knew the gifts of everyone, respected those gifts, and made use of them as they were originally intended! Life would flow with Divine Perfection!


Not only was this evening personally healing and empowering for everyone, but it shed light on how grace-filled it could be as each of us move forward, indeed a part of a larger Tribe of people awakening all over the world, knowing that yes- we each have an important, role to play, unique to us.

Trusting that what we have to bring to the group is beautiful, and needed, and will be richly rewarded as we strive to SEE each other on a soul level, and support each other on the level of Spirit!

THAT is the goal of this Summer's monthly Full Moon Equi-Healing Circles!

If you'd like to join in the magic and transformation, mark your calendars- because we've got more adventure in store for you- and we'd love to have the joy of your company on this soulful journey!

Visit this last event's page to read what members had to say about their experience of this circle!

June promises to be a particularly profound event as we'll be riding the powerful Equinox Energies which happen earlier in the week, as we meet on the night of the actual FULL MOON! Imagine the possibilities for transformation with all of those supportive universal energies available!

More details to come soon about each events particular themes/activities- as they will all be different.

Be sure to become a member of our Healing Circle on Meetup to keep up to date on opportunities for stepping into your Soul-ful Self!

Upcoming Dates: Saturday Evenings

June 26
July 24
August 22

At the Happily Ever After Holisitc Healing Horse ranch, NE Parker, CO

See you under the moon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Got Pain? Call in the Cosmic Chiropractor!

If your herd is anything like mine, hey- we all have chronic misalignment issues that create discomfort.

A tweaked neck here, a sore low back there, some weakness on the left side, some tightness on the right.

All of us- horses and humans alike.

And I admit it, some days I get frustrated and wonder how on earth we'll all ever get into tiptop condition.

That is, in the absence of bodywork sessions that cost $100 a week for each of us! Um, let's see that would be a minimum of $500 a week!

But since THAT's not a current option, I was feeling kinda down when I found the latest lump, bump, and crick in Charm's neck.

Ok, more than down- I was starting to feel downright hopeless.

But hopelessness begets desperation. And often, desperate minds will reach for ANY solution, no matter how unorthodox.

That's how I came to be standing in my driveway, my right arm exhausted from trying to massage away a knot that was definitely NOT moving in Charm's neck, realizing there was no way in hell I had the skill to make this happen.

So, with nothing to lose, I turned to Spirit and called in the Cosmic Chiropractor. I figure there must be one, right?

Plus, for good measure, I called in all of the Highest Energy Healers in the Universe- hey, why not- they are free!

I'm not exactly on a first name basis with these Beings, but in the book Hiring the Heavens, the author suggests it's possible to get expert help from the spirit realms with just about anything, just by asking.

So, then I stepped back and expected NOTHING to happen.

Imagine my surprise when, for the next 30 minutes, I was guided step by step through a series of seemingly complex, ordered energy healing maneuvers!

It started with a lot of breath-work first directed at her tail, then various spots of her body, which continued for most of the session. It included some light and moderate touch both above her body and directly on her body, often with tapping occurring 3 times. And it definitely included doing a variety of very odd things I never even considered doing to a horse before!

To Charm's credit, she stood stock still the entire time and she wasn't even tied- with lush green grass beckoning just a few small steps away. In fact, she appeared far less confused than I felt! I kept wondering, "What the heck was going on?"

Yet- I found that if I stayed in my body, and stayed in the moment, as soon as I finished one maneuver, I just knew what to do next, and gracefully began doing it.

I got the impression that the work was opening energy channels/meridians, balancing chakras, creating alignment across all systems, and basically resetting her entire energetic matrix!

How cool is that!? And what a blessing!

The whole series finished with some really lovely words about our combined well-being.

And I was even given after-instructions: She needed 3 days of rest during which she may feel more sore for a bit, she should be turned out as much as possible because movement was key in her reintegration, and she needed lots of pure water.

It was suggested that this healing ritual be repeated for all of the horses, every 3-4 months for about a year, when we should all be feeling good as new.

When I was done, I was pretty shocked at what had transpired between us and part of me wished I had an observer who took notes so I could repeat that process for the other horses.

Because how on earth was I going to remember a whole 30 minute routine I'd never even read about?!

Then I realized that just as I was wordlessly guided today, I would be silently instructed any time I called in healing assistance.

I, personally, don't need to know anything.

Just as you do not need to.

We simply need to be willing channels for spirit's healing energies.

We only need to put out the call and be open to allowing the answers & energy to flow through us to the Beings we have agreed to assist.

The more we can get OUT of the WAY, the more we can allow what needs to happen to BE.

Of course, the animals know how to do this, it's us humans who need more practice asking, trusting, and allowing.

Want to join me on a healing adventure? Play with opening up to spirit and see how your animals would like healing to be channeled through you to them!

Hey, it's free, and you have nothing to lose. But we all have so much to gain!

I'll let you know how the cosmic healing goes for Charm and all of the healing herd!!

Readers: Have you had a cosmic healing experience with your animals? Please share!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's Waiting to be Released in YOU?

Today was an important anniversary for me.

But actually I had no idea. No memory.

However, Serendipity, the head of our healing horse herd, knew.

And she took it upon herself to remind me.


For some reason I felt compelled to go out and groom the girls at dusk, not suspecting that more was in store.

That’s often how healing opportunities present themselves- out of the blue.

Standing with the brush in hand next to Seren, she seemed to be enjoying the strokes, when she moved her head closer to mine.

In the quiet of the evening, as she turned her eyes toward me, I felt a wave of sadness.

Was it hers or mine? For a moment I could not tell.

Then she said, “Today is the anniversary.”

“Anniversary?,” I wondered back to her.

There was a moment of silence, filled with sadness, and then she continued, “The Indian massacre we were involved in happened today.”

Ah, so the sadness was neither hers nor mine, it was OURS.

I was immediately reminded of a full moon spent under the stars last summer with my herd and two shamanic friends, when we discovered that we had ALL shared an Indian life together- the 3 of us and my 3 horses. It was not a life that ended well.

The fateful end came when our tribe was ambushed by white men, who killed everyone, even the horses.

Our little group of 6 had done some healing that night last summer under the full moon, but apparently there was more to be healed.


Back in the paddock today, Seren lamented the useless, savage loss of lives that day. And reminded me that we both still carried scars of mistrust from then.

That day she lost some trust in the goodness of humanity.

And she gave me a history lesson, reminding me that I too lost trust in my fellow mankind- showing me that I had worked hard at creating peace among the peoples, but in the end I had been betrayed.

And apparently, the betrayal, mistrust, sadness, and even guilt still hung hidden in my heart.

Seren said it was time for more forgiveness and healing to take place.

In a flash, I saw in my mind’s eye a circle of light and it was clear there was a gathering of souls involved in that day- the white men come to offer apology, and the Indians and horses, there to create forgiveness.

From the Higher Self side, there was nothing left to be forgiven, all had already been absolved. And yet the human ego and physical body often retains energetic scars that still need to be released.

And so, that’s what we did, Seren and I stood and allowed all of the darkness and pain to be dissolved into light. The circle came together, and everyone stood in the Light, filled with heartful love.

It was a beautiful, deep, healing moment, filled with tears.

I thought we were done. Then Seren lowered her head, placing her nostrils into my ear for several long moments, as if she were whispering sweet nothings.

But not exactly so sweet, those breaths held the remembrance of so many lifetimes where I had been unable to save my people.

Seren showed me that the current guilt I feel in so many areas of my life, was a holdover, a habit, an energetic pattern and residue from many past lives when I was powerless to save myself, my family, or the people I felt responsible for.

“It’s time to release that burden of guilt. It was never yours to carry, you know,” wise Seren continued.

Indeed, and so I let the rush of tears cleanse and purify me of eons worth of sadness, burden, loss, and guilt- asking to be released from all agreements, vows, or even curses, left over from these lifetimes so I could move powerfully ahead in the present.

We allowed the process to unfold with grace and ease. And then, as these things go, the process was done, and Seren casually walked away as if it were any other day.

Yet we were both clearer & lighter, and thankful for the gift of deep healing and release.

What patterns are your horses ready to help you release? Are there emotions, reactions, or behaviors that keep you feeling stuck, that seem too strong to be explained by what you know about your history? They may be residues from past lives that need clearing.

The Horses stand ready to assist!

Readers: Do you have a story of horses helping you heal a past wound? Please share.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Horse is Calling You to Join in a Vision of Horse-Humanity Healing!

As you know, over the holidays I co-wrote a book, Awakening Unity with Horse, with a Spirit Horse named Jasper about Horse's role in helping to heal humanity and support them towards the next stage of our current Consciousness Shift.

Last night, I tuned into the Spirit Horse Herd, and like many previous nights, they shared with me a vision, that I now wish to share with you.

They've shown it to me so many times, that all I can presume is that they want YOU to join with me in holding this beautiful vision of Unity, as it will help promote healing worldwide!

It looks like this:

Imagine seeing a globe of the world, all blue and green.

From every location on earth, horses and humans step forward to take their rightful place in the Circle of Enlightenment.

See a circle taking shape that encircles the entire globe. Side by side, the horses stand next to the person- each member the Next Link in our Healing Whole.

Horse, human, horse, human- with the human's arms reaching wide open to touch a horse's back on each side, connecting all members of this circle with enormous heart energy.

Every Horse and Human who comes forth has been called to become a part of this Healing Mission of Service to Humanity.

Have you heard your call yet? More and more are remembering their original plan to assist in this momentous occasion.

As the circle is completed, it is clear that there is a column of light flowing down into each member of the circle, horse & human. This Light is carrying the healing codes, helping us make the leap to Higher Consciousness.

And each member of the Circle is holding space for this healing vibration.

As they do, it connects with all other members in the circle, creating a vast, interconnecting web of light encasing the globe in a beautiful sparkling web of enlightenment.

This is the vision of Enlightenment that Horse and Human have come here to partner and co-create.

Please join me in taking a moment each day to hold this vision, in your heart.

See it, then FEEL it, starting from your heart.

Allow it to gather it's force there until it wishes to burst forth from your heart, to be sent out from you, to the world.

See yourself connecting to the whole web, brightening the light. Knowing that your light adds to the whole.

As often as you can, do this visualization in the presence of your Horse, who will add his Light to the circle. Or if you cannot be together, invite her to join you in Spirit and she will.

Every time we take a moment to feel this as Truth, we are strengthening it as our Reality, until at last we'll reach the tipping point, where all of our brothers and sisters will join us in a transformation of Love.

I'll see you there!

PS. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who took a moment to vote for Unity with Horse over at the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest. Today is the last day to vote in the first round. I'll let you know soon, if we made it to the next round!

Here's the link to vote!
Vote for Unity with Horse

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Horse Needs your VOTE to Help his Voice be Heard!

*Please vote to help Unity with Horse get published at the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest.*

Have you ever wondered why you are so drawn to horses? Why you feel so much better after playing with them?

You are about to find out!

My brand new, awe-inspiring, paradigm-shattering book Unity with Horse reveals for the first time in stunning clarity the true spiritual purpose behind the horse and human relationship.

Discover how horse is helping YOU, and all of humanity make the current shift to higher consciousness. Plus, it’s paired with the exceptional equine artistry of Kim McElroy, so it’s designed to give you a direct energetic activation for your own healing.

Our relationship with horse is much deeper, and more meaningful than we ever envisioned!

But we need your support to bring the Wisdom of this Truth to the masses!

Help spread the word that Horse is here to help heal humanity, and at the same time, discover how to deepen your own relationship with horse, starting now.

*Please vote to help Unity with Horse get published at the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest.*

Voting ends on Sunday, May 2.

Please take a moment to spread the word to vote to all your horse-loving friends!

In this way, the truth about the healing power of Horse, humanity’s dearest friend for eons, will finally be revealed for all to appreciate!

See more about the book at

And vote to get it published by visiting

(Please note that in order to vote, you will have to visit the above page, click on Register, enter your email, then open the Confirmation Email they send to you, which will bring you back to the book’s page to vote. We know this takes an additional moment, but it keeps the contest fair and Horses need our support!)

As a thank you for your vote, I'm offering a download of the eye-opening excerpt, Jasper's Invitation to Humanity, where he reveals why you've been so magnetically drawn to horses all of this time. You'll be able to access this from the page after you vote.

I guarantee, you'll never look at Horse the same way again!

The Horses thank you for your love and support!

We can’t do it with out you.

Please join me in spreading healing one horse & human heart at a time!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Why Greg is the Best Horse Husband Ever!

I have to hand it to Greg. He never complains.

He's solid like a rock when you need him.

The kind of man you can count on- who doesn't wussy out, even when:

- it's midnight
- he's just about asleep on the couch
- and you need him to go medicate and bandage a fussy yearling
- in the windy, cold, winter night.

What more can you ask of a guy!?

Especially when it was my prior silly decision that lead us to be doing this onerous chore so late in the freezing dark- in the first place!

Damn he even kisses horses!

He deserves a reward, don't you think? What shall it be.... any ideas?

True Love: Being willing to help each other out, even after dumb decisions, never once muttering, "I told you so!"

Readers: How does your partner help you out with your beloved animals without complaint? Please share!

BTW- This is #761 Reason Why You Should Marry a Horse Lover!!! Listen In to my cheerful debate on Stable Scoop radio about why you definitely should marry a horse-lover!: Valentine's Day Episode

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Great Helmet Debate Continued

Join me in recommitting to riding with a Helmet, every time, no excuses!

In early March, the beloved Olympic dressage rider Courtney King-Dye, ended up in a coma with a skull fracture that came about from riding a young horse who slipped. Right now, I'm sending her and her family love and light for a quick and speedy recovery.

Yet- here's the facts: Accidents happen. People get hurt. A lot of the time, sadly, it's tragic. But, it's part of riding. And it's a risk we take every time we get on a horse.

But are you doing what you can to minimize the risk????

Courtney wasn't wearing a helmet. Would a helmet have prevented this injury?
Maybe, maybe not- but it most likely would have lessened the severity.
That's what helmets are for: Protecting our precious heads.

Now, I am a firm believer that everyone should wear a helmet ALL of the time- because horses are unpredictable and like people, they make mistakes, have bad days, misjudge things.

BUT- even with that firm belief in place, I have to admit- I get LAZY sometimes about putting on my helmet.

Sure, there are a million excuses, but none of them good ones.

That's why I'm taking this opportunity to re-commit to wearing a helmet, every time, no excuses.

Thank you for the reminder that life is precarious, and that every moment of it is made for sweet savoring- as safely as is reasonable.

Here's my hope for helmets.

A lot of people bitched and moaned when seat belts became mandatory- even though they clearly save lives. These days I can't ride in a car without my seat belt, because I have gotten so used to the feeling (which used to be uncomfortable)- that NOT putting it on FEELS unsafe! It somehow feels wrong. So, if I do momentarily forget, I find myself immediately reaching for the belt.

Let's hope that people begin to see helmets as mandatory, because they too save lives. And that eventually people become so used to their helmets that it actually feels wrong (unsafe) without it!

In that moment, that slightly uneasy, unsafe feeling helps you remember to run back to the barn and put it on!

Here's to happy, healthy heads for a good long time!

Want to read more? Head on over to the Great Helmet Debate on the Horse and a Half Blog.

Monday, February 22, 2010

When is Your Horse Refusing to Work a Good Thing?

When she wants to offer you healing!!!

Very often, your horse knows what is best for you- because she’s more in tune with Truth and what’s really going on inside of you both!

But if you aren’t listening, or worse, think your horse is mis-behaving, you’ll miss out on some pretty powerful experiences for your own benefit!

Here’s an example.

The other day I went out to ride Charm. I really, really wanted to ride. It didn’t have to be a long ride, in fact, all I was looking for was a short bareback ride in a halter. But I wasn’t having a great day and really longed to feel her back beneath me.

She was cooperative enough, until I brought her up to the mounting block. Then, she just wouldn’t step up the last 3 steps so I could hop on her. She planted her feet and basically refused to budge.

I was disappointed, it was getting late and cold, I didn’t have a lot of time to fool around.

Now, it would have been easy to see her behavior as “disobedient.” I could have INSISTED she step up. Frankly, I am sure that would have worked.

But these days, I know better. So I take a deep breath and try to tune into what’s really going on.

I sat on the mounting block, and explained to Charm what I wanted to do, then I asked Charm what was going on.

She responded with a sort of concerned look in her eye and took a step further back from the mounting block. Ok, so we definitely weren’t going for a ride.

What were we going to do?

Charm was awfully interested in my hands, so I let her smell them and lick them.

When she began repeated yawning, I knew what we were doing- we were having a healing session.

Charm was right- what I really needed more than riding, was time to tune into the heavy weight of depression that had been bearing down on me lately. And she was ready to help.

She got busy moving stuck energy from a variety of the charka areas, but she kept returning to my hands.

Then she did something I’ve never seen any of the horses do while healing- while licking my hand, she kept her tongue on my palm and began to yawn, without removing her tongue from my hand.

I would have thought it was a coincidence, but she did it deliberately, more than once.

And it had an immediate effect: I retched a couple of times, until I actually threw up.

Charm calmly waited, ever attentive to her mission, even though she wasn’t restrained in any way. Never once did she try to grab some grass to nibble, or take off to the freedom of the surrounding pasture.

Then it occurred to me: I just witnessed an Equine- Energy Extraction Technique!

From previous healing work, I’ve discovered that sometimes a stuck energy actually needs to be physically thrown up from the body, by a series of violent retching, or actually throwing up. It’s quite effective in dislodging really stuck energies.

Then the tears came, and I allowed them, knowing they were helping to cleanse away unneeded energies that were no longer serving.

When the emotions passed, I felt lighter and clearer than I had in days.

I thanked Charm for having the wisdom to refuse to ride and the loving kindness to offer me what I really needed instead: A Healing.

What would change in your life if you started to tune into what really wanted to happen in any given interaction with your horse?

What would shift in your relationship with your horse if you made the assumption that your horse had a valid opinion of how to best spend your time together?

What would happen if you slowed down and took the time to really listen to what your horse had to offer?

Try it out and let me know what you discover!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Join us for a Spring Equinox Mask-Making Adventure

Calling Forth Your Inner Strength with Your Power Animal

Have you ever wished you could step away from your everyday stresses and walk into a creative wonderland? Now’s your chance to do just that and experience the profoundly healing effects of shapeshifting into an animal with just the magical properties you most need right now!

On the Spring Equinox, Sunday March 21, from 11am-7pm, the ranch will be hosting a powerful mask-making workshop, along with a potluck and drumming circle. Take advantage of the equinox energies to ensure 2010 is a success! This is a not to be missed event!

Recently, I had the honor of participating in one of these transformative events lead by Shamanic Practitioner Gavin Hughes, of White Raven Mystic Arts. It was a deeply moving experience that I’m grateful for because it allowed me to step into a dormant side of myself.

For awhile now, I’ve been aware that I’m being spiritually groomed for a leadership role. However, it’s a role I wasn’t sure that I really wanted. Couldn’t I just be a healer and let someone else lead?! I’d always been a bit suspicious of authority anyway- why would I want to be that person. And certainly, I wasn’t sure I was ready for it because on any given day, I was still having difficulty feeling like a powerful leader.

That is, until the mask-making workshop- which finally gave me a profound opportunity to feel what it’s like to be a leader.

During the guided meditation to discover my power animal, Lion showed up. But not just any lion. More than the leader of his pride, this Lion was Benevolent Leader of the Entire Kingdom!

First, I got to feel the raw physical power of Lion by sitting astride him as the pride went for a run through a glorious sun-drenched field.

Then I got to really experience the deep feeling of Benevolent Leadership as Lion assembled the whole animal kingdom, with a powerful roar. Standing on a cliff, I watched as all members of the natural world gathered in front of Lion.

I understood in that moment that the animal begins were not afraid of Lion’s powerful voice, but rather they respected it and felt comfort knowing that someone was overseeing the kingdom with kindness and gentle, but decisive leadership. And rather than resenting the Lion’s role as leader, I saw how the animals appreciated him, even felt affection to him, for his protection, which allowed them to go about their daily lives knowing everything was in rightful order.

A profound feeling of love pervaded my heart, as I realized that all of the beings stood together in cooperative unity, in comm-unity, each with a role that served the greatest and highest good for them all.

In that moment, I knew that THAT was the kind of leadership role I was being prepared for- a Benevolent Leader who United Beings under the Divine Spark that was Common to Us All.

Finally, I could feel what I was being called to.

And that was just in the first half hour of the workshop!!!

The remaining time, of actually making the mask and doing ritual exercises with it, allowed me to step inside Lion, to be Lion, to creatively explore him for hours so I could internalize his gifts on an initial level.

What better way to embody your renewed capabilities than to honor your power animal by creating a mask modeled on your very own face!

And allowing your intuition to guide you step by step in making, painting, and decorating this object which will now be imbued with the characteristics you most need to stretchinto at this time.

And when you are done- you leave with a physical representation that will remind you on a cellular level of Who You Are Becoming- every time you look at it!

What a meaningful gift Gavin’s workshop gave to me!! And it’s a gift I highly recommend you offer to yourself by joining us this Equinox!

BTW- you don’t have to be an artist or creative type to enjoy this experience- it’s all about discovering your inner strength. No matter what the physical outcome looks like- the process itself is transformative!

For more details or to RSVP visit our MeetUp Group: Spring Equinox Mask Making Circle