Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Horse Needs your VOTE to Help his Voice be Heard!

*Please vote to help Unity with Horse get published at the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest.*

Have you ever wondered why you are so drawn to horses? Why you feel so much better after playing with them?

You are about to find out!

My brand new, awe-inspiring, paradigm-shattering book Unity with Horse reveals for the first time in stunning clarity the true spiritual purpose behind the horse and human relationship.

Discover how horse is helping YOU, and all of humanity make the current shift to higher consciousness. Plus, it’s paired with the exceptional equine artistry of Kim McElroy, so it’s designed to give you a direct energetic activation for your own healing.

Our relationship with horse is much deeper, and more meaningful than we ever envisioned!

But we need your support to bring the Wisdom of this Truth to the masses!

Help spread the word that Horse is here to help heal humanity, and at the same time, discover how to deepen your own relationship with horse, starting now.

*Please vote to help Unity with Horse get published at the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest.*

Voting ends on Sunday, May 2.

Please take a moment to spread the word to vote to all your horse-loving friends!

In this way, the truth about the healing power of Horse, humanity’s dearest friend for eons, will finally be revealed for all to appreciate!

See more about the book at

And vote to get it published by visiting

(Please note that in order to vote, you will have to visit the above page, click on Register, enter your email, then open the Confirmation Email they send to you, which will bring you back to the book’s page to vote. We know this takes an additional moment, but it keeps the contest fair and Horses need our support!)

As a thank you for your vote, I'm offering a download of the eye-opening excerpt, Jasper's Invitation to Humanity, where he reveals why you've been so magnetically drawn to horses all of this time. You'll be able to access this from the page after you vote.

I guarantee, you'll never look at Horse the same way again!

The Horses thank you for your love and support!

We can’t do it with out you.

Please join me in spreading healing one horse & human heart at a time!!!

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