Monday, May 24, 2010

Got Pain? Call in the Cosmic Chiropractor!

If your herd is anything like mine, hey- we all have chronic misalignment issues that create discomfort.

A tweaked neck here, a sore low back there, some weakness on the left side, some tightness on the right.

All of us- horses and humans alike.

And I admit it, some days I get frustrated and wonder how on earth we'll all ever get into tiptop condition.

That is, in the absence of bodywork sessions that cost $100 a week for each of us! Um, let's see that would be a minimum of $500 a week!

But since THAT's not a current option, I was feeling kinda down when I found the latest lump, bump, and crick in Charm's neck.

Ok, more than down- I was starting to feel downright hopeless.

But hopelessness begets desperation. And often, desperate minds will reach for ANY solution, no matter how unorthodox.

That's how I came to be standing in my driveway, my right arm exhausted from trying to massage away a knot that was definitely NOT moving in Charm's neck, realizing there was no way in hell I had the skill to make this happen.

So, with nothing to lose, I turned to Spirit and called in the Cosmic Chiropractor. I figure there must be one, right?

Plus, for good measure, I called in all of the Highest Energy Healers in the Universe- hey, why not- they are free!

I'm not exactly on a first name basis with these Beings, but in the book Hiring the Heavens, the author suggests it's possible to get expert help from the spirit realms with just about anything, just by asking.

So, then I stepped back and expected NOTHING to happen.

Imagine my surprise when, for the next 30 minutes, I was guided step by step through a series of seemingly complex, ordered energy healing maneuvers!

It started with a lot of breath-work first directed at her tail, then various spots of her body, which continued for most of the session. It included some light and moderate touch both above her body and directly on her body, often with tapping occurring 3 times. And it definitely included doing a variety of very odd things I never even considered doing to a horse before!

To Charm's credit, she stood stock still the entire time and she wasn't even tied- with lush green grass beckoning just a few small steps away. In fact, she appeared far less confused than I felt! I kept wondering, "What the heck was going on?"

Yet- I found that if I stayed in my body, and stayed in the moment, as soon as I finished one maneuver, I just knew what to do next, and gracefully began doing it.

I got the impression that the work was opening energy channels/meridians, balancing chakras, creating alignment across all systems, and basically resetting her entire energetic matrix!

How cool is that!? And what a blessing!

The whole series finished with some really lovely words about our combined well-being.

And I was even given after-instructions: She needed 3 days of rest during which she may feel more sore for a bit, she should be turned out as much as possible because movement was key in her reintegration, and she needed lots of pure water.

It was suggested that this healing ritual be repeated for all of the horses, every 3-4 months for about a year, when we should all be feeling good as new.

When I was done, I was pretty shocked at what had transpired between us and part of me wished I had an observer who took notes so I could repeat that process for the other horses.

Because how on earth was I going to remember a whole 30 minute routine I'd never even read about?!

Then I realized that just as I was wordlessly guided today, I would be silently instructed any time I called in healing assistance.

I, personally, don't need to know anything.

Just as you do not need to.

We simply need to be willing channels for spirit's healing energies.

We only need to put out the call and be open to allowing the answers & energy to flow through us to the Beings we have agreed to assist.

The more we can get OUT of the WAY, the more we can allow what needs to happen to BE.

Of course, the animals know how to do this, it's us humans who need more practice asking, trusting, and allowing.

Want to join me on a healing adventure? Play with opening up to spirit and see how your animals would like healing to be channeled through you to them!

Hey, it's free, and you have nothing to lose. But we all have so much to gain!

I'll let you know how the cosmic healing goes for Charm and all of the healing herd!!

Readers: Have you had a cosmic healing experience with your animals? Please share!

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