Monday, February 22, 2010

When is Your Horse Refusing to Work a Good Thing?

When she wants to offer you healing!!!

Very often, your horse knows what is best for you- because she’s more in tune with Truth and what’s really going on inside of you both!

But if you aren’t listening, or worse, think your horse is mis-behaving, you’ll miss out on some pretty powerful experiences for your own benefit!

Here’s an example.

The other day I went out to ride Charm. I really, really wanted to ride. It didn’t have to be a long ride, in fact, all I was looking for was a short bareback ride in a halter. But I wasn’t having a great day and really longed to feel her back beneath me.

She was cooperative enough, until I brought her up to the mounting block. Then, she just wouldn’t step up the last 3 steps so I could hop on her. She planted her feet and basically refused to budge.

I was disappointed, it was getting late and cold, I didn’t have a lot of time to fool around.

Now, it would have been easy to see her behavior as “disobedient.” I could have INSISTED she step up. Frankly, I am sure that would have worked.

But these days, I know better. So I take a deep breath and try to tune into what’s really going on.

I sat on the mounting block, and explained to Charm what I wanted to do, then I asked Charm what was going on.

She responded with a sort of concerned look in her eye and took a step further back from the mounting block. Ok, so we definitely weren’t going for a ride.

What were we going to do?

Charm was awfully interested in my hands, so I let her smell them and lick them.

When she began repeated yawning, I knew what we were doing- we were having a healing session.

Charm was right- what I really needed more than riding, was time to tune into the heavy weight of depression that had been bearing down on me lately. And she was ready to help.

She got busy moving stuck energy from a variety of the charka areas, but she kept returning to my hands.

Then she did something I’ve never seen any of the horses do while healing- while licking my hand, she kept her tongue on my palm and began to yawn, without removing her tongue from my hand.

I would have thought it was a coincidence, but she did it deliberately, more than once.

And it had an immediate effect: I retched a couple of times, until I actually threw up.

Charm calmly waited, ever attentive to her mission, even though she wasn’t restrained in any way. Never once did she try to grab some grass to nibble, or take off to the freedom of the surrounding pasture.

Then it occurred to me: I just witnessed an Equine- Energy Extraction Technique!

From previous healing work, I’ve discovered that sometimes a stuck energy actually needs to be physically thrown up from the body, by a series of violent retching, or actually throwing up. It’s quite effective in dislodging really stuck energies.

Then the tears came, and I allowed them, knowing they were helping to cleanse away unneeded energies that were no longer serving.

When the emotions passed, I felt lighter and clearer than I had in days.

I thanked Charm for having the wisdom to refuse to ride and the loving kindness to offer me what I really needed instead: A Healing.

What would change in your life if you started to tune into what really wanted to happen in any given interaction with your horse?

What would shift in your relationship with your horse if you made the assumption that your horse had a valid opinion of how to best spend your time together?

What would happen if you slowed down and took the time to really listen to what your horse had to offer?

Try it out and let me know what you discover!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Join us for a Spring Equinox Mask-Making Adventure

Calling Forth Your Inner Strength with Your Power Animal

Have you ever wished you could step away from your everyday stresses and walk into a creative wonderland? Now’s your chance to do just that and experience the profoundly healing effects of shapeshifting into an animal with just the magical properties you most need right now!

On the Spring Equinox, Sunday March 21, from 11am-7pm, the ranch will be hosting a powerful mask-making workshop, along with a potluck and drumming circle. Take advantage of the equinox energies to ensure 2010 is a success! This is a not to be missed event!

Recently, I had the honor of participating in one of these transformative events lead by Shamanic Practitioner Gavin Hughes, of White Raven Mystic Arts. It was a deeply moving experience that I’m grateful for because it allowed me to step into a dormant side of myself.

For awhile now, I’ve been aware that I’m being spiritually groomed for a leadership role. However, it’s a role I wasn’t sure that I really wanted. Couldn’t I just be a healer and let someone else lead?! I’d always been a bit suspicious of authority anyway- why would I want to be that person. And certainly, I wasn’t sure I was ready for it because on any given day, I was still having difficulty feeling like a powerful leader.

That is, until the mask-making workshop- which finally gave me a profound opportunity to feel what it’s like to be a leader.

During the guided meditation to discover my power animal, Lion showed up. But not just any lion. More than the leader of his pride, this Lion was Benevolent Leader of the Entire Kingdom!

First, I got to feel the raw physical power of Lion by sitting astride him as the pride went for a run through a glorious sun-drenched field.

Then I got to really experience the deep feeling of Benevolent Leadership as Lion assembled the whole animal kingdom, with a powerful roar. Standing on a cliff, I watched as all members of the natural world gathered in front of Lion.

I understood in that moment that the animal begins were not afraid of Lion’s powerful voice, but rather they respected it and felt comfort knowing that someone was overseeing the kingdom with kindness and gentle, but decisive leadership. And rather than resenting the Lion’s role as leader, I saw how the animals appreciated him, even felt affection to him, for his protection, which allowed them to go about their daily lives knowing everything was in rightful order.

A profound feeling of love pervaded my heart, as I realized that all of the beings stood together in cooperative unity, in comm-unity, each with a role that served the greatest and highest good for them all.

In that moment, I knew that THAT was the kind of leadership role I was being prepared for- a Benevolent Leader who United Beings under the Divine Spark that was Common to Us All.

Finally, I could feel what I was being called to.

And that was just in the first half hour of the workshop!!!

The remaining time, of actually making the mask and doing ritual exercises with it, allowed me to step inside Lion, to be Lion, to creatively explore him for hours so I could internalize his gifts on an initial level.

What better way to embody your renewed capabilities than to honor your power animal by creating a mask modeled on your very own face!

And allowing your intuition to guide you step by step in making, painting, and decorating this object which will now be imbued with the characteristics you most need to stretchinto at this time.

And when you are done- you leave with a physical representation that will remind you on a cellular level of Who You Are Becoming- every time you look at it!

What a meaningful gift Gavin’s workshop gave to me!! And it’s a gift I highly recommend you offer to yourself by joining us this Equinox!

BTW- you don’t have to be an artist or creative type to enjoy this experience- it’s all about discovering your inner strength. No matter what the physical outcome looks like- the process itself is transformative!

For more details or to RSVP visit our MeetUp Group: Spring Equinox Mask Making Circle

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Listen In to Stable Scoop Radio: Should You Marry a Horse Person!?

Its an age old question. You are passionate about horses. Arguably- you've created an entire lifestyle around your devotion to equines. So when it comes to partnering up for love with a non-equine- should you pick another Horse Person?

Whether I answer you personally or professionally, my answer is the same:
A resounding YES!

Personally, my most rewarding days are the ones I spend immersed in my deepest passion, horses, with the person I am most passionate about- my husband- who is also a rider. Sharing something we both love makes us feel closer to each other, and gives us endless things to talk about, never mind, to do together.

Professionally from a psychological viewpoint- it's always best to chose a mate who loves to do the things you love to do- it minimizes conflict and gives you plenty of time joyfully doing something you both enjoy- which boosts your bond.

And we've all heard horror stories of the STRESS horses can cause in a relationship when one is a horse lover and the other, well, just isn't.

What if you aren't lucky enough to find the perfect partner who ALSO loves horses?

You can work around this, but there are some important things to consider!

To learn more while having a chuckle, listen in to my interesting chat with Glenn and Helena on the Valentine's Day episode of Stable Scoop Radio (I'm the second guest). Click the link below.

Stable Scoop Episode 78 – Annual Valentine Episode

And if you haven't heard my expert tips on the 5 minute Horse Tip Daily show, check them out here:

Dr. Jenn: Horse Tip Daily

Here's hoping you had a Valentine's Day filled with horse-y and human LOVE!

BTW- Did you know that my other passion is LOVE COACHING?

If you are still single and searching for the perfect partner, head on over to my other site, My Soulmate Solution to get all of the knowledge, guidance, and support you need to attract a love that will last a lifetime! Don't be single NEXT Valentine's day!

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