Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seren’s Message: Do you have an Embracing Heart?

You never know what the Healing Herd has in store for you.

The other day a friend and I were hanging with the herd, quietly tuning into what needed to shift within ourselves.

My friend noticed that Seren really wanted her to understand something about the dog we've been dog-sitting, Max, over yonder engaged in his favorite outdoor activity- eating horse manure.

Over and over, Seren would nudge her and point to Max. My friend had been focused on her heart space, but wasn’t sure exactly what Seren meant to say.

So I tuned in, and here was Seren’s message for her.

“Be more like Max. His future is uncertain. He doesn’t know if he’s staying here or leaving. Yet, he has opened his heart. He loves fully. He doesn’t hold back. He stays in the moment, embracing this family with his whole heart-no matter what may come.”

Then Seren nudged my chest, “You too! You need to practice this too.”

“And while you are at it,” Seren continued, with a bit of earnest irony to her tone, “Tell the rest of humanity to work on this too. Boy, they need it!”

“But how?,” my friend wondered, it’s not so easy in the real world.

Seren had a ready reply, “Start with your herd. First thing in the morning, be with them, and open your heart among them. Get the loving flow between all of you. Soak it in. From that space, start your day.”

Then Seren shot me “The Look.”

I felt a little admonished, knowing that she has previously encouraged me to begin my days this way, but I had yet to take her up on her advice.

Hey, I’m seriously not a morning person!

But her point was taken: Sage wisdom from the matron of the Healing Herd….

That happiness is to be found in every moment, with an open heart, embracing the possibilities that come from savoring what is in front of you, not needing it to be any different, yet offering our compassionate love no matter what the circumstances.

Yup, letting the love flow. Filling the space with love.

It’s why we are here.

To transform every experience with the uplifting energy of unconditional love.

Don’t have a herd or can’t be with them in the morning? Not a problem!

Simply close your eyes and ask you horse(s) or the Spirit Horse Herd to join you, and the essence of the Heart of Horse will help fill you with love. All you need is a clear intention.

How has horse helped you step into unconditional love? Please share!

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