Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is Your Perspective Uplifting?

It’s been slow on the riding front this summer. Early in the season Charm got a respiratory cold, then she fell in the pasture and couldn’t move her neck!

Today was the first day I put a saddle back on her so we can start getting back in shape together.

Because we are basically starting over and she’s still in recovery for her neck injury, I made sure to tell her that we would only do as much as she felt comfortable with.
Today I would follow her lead.

And off we went.
Except we kept stopping.
Stopping and standing. And refusing to move. Which isn’t like her.
I realized that every time we stopped we were facing the house from a different part of the fields next door.

Whenever I notice an interesting pattern of behavior, I assume the horse is trying to tell me something.

So instead of insisting she move off, I got quiet and listened.

After 3 or 4 stops admiring our house from different angles afar, this was what I heard:

“These are all different perspectives. Yet they all hold
the truth.

Depending on which one you focus on, you see something different.

Your job is to focus on the perspective that creates the
most upliftment, at any give time.”

Pretty profound.

Then she continued,

“It’s a bit too easy to focus on the angle that gives you

But then THAT will be your reality.

What you focus on, upliftment or frustration, creates your reality. It’s your choice.”

Indeed, she was right.

Especially lately, it’s been super easy to slide into what I see in front of me that is not to my liking- which slides me further into un-ease.

I appreciated her reminder that in each moment, we can choose a new perspective- the one that lifts us up, and guides us to where we’d rather be rather than where we’ve become stuck.

A little while later we arrived in the dip of a hill. Stopping once more, I could only see the top half of the house.

Charm continued,

“That too could be your truth for the moment. It is a perspective.

But if you choose to focus on that, you’d miss the larger truth that there is indeed a whole house waiting for you!”

What a powerful message of freedom! You choose!

What larger perspective of positive possibility have you been missing?
Have you been choosing the angle that uplifts or constrains?

Indeed, what reality will you create today?
Readers: What perspective has your horse reminded you of lately? Please share!


  1. Hey Katie! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thought!

    Many blessings for a whole-hearted ride!