Friday, September 17, 2010

Creating Harmony in the Herd

Lately there has been discontent in the herd.

The signs were loud and clear with lots of really ugly bite marks and bruising kicks.

Not the kind of normal warning nips, but flat out, “I’m pissed off” gouges being gifted, especially on our two youngest herd members, Frolic & Jaren.

It went on for a few weeks and the horse’s hides were starting to look battle worn.

I figured it was time to tune into the real reason, so when my new friend and colleague, animal communicator Karen Cantrell called, I asked her to check in.

“They are all fighting to be seen as equal and worthy.” Karen explained.

“They all want to be equal contributing members to the healing done at the ranch,” she continued.

And further, she informed me that the outer strife was a mirror for my inner strife.

“Each of them needs to feel confident in their own unique abilities to help, without being compared to anyone else. They need to feel valued and appreciated for what they have to offer. And they need to stand in their worth and shine their Truth, without fear- just like you.”

Of course, all of that starts on the inside- owning your power, offering your gifts, and continuing on, no matter what others have to say about it. Ok- I'm still practicing that one!

So, out I headed to the herd with my husband, to have a heart to hearts chat.

I stood next to Frolic, who was recovering from an especially nasty kick to the hock, that was still swollen. And Jaren hung his head right over my husband’s shoulder, eager to listen. Seren and Charm stood a little bit away.

Out loud, I told them how much we loved them all, that each of them had such unique gifts and that we appreciated all of their talents equally. I let them know there was no need to fight among themselves, because I saw each of them for who they really were and I valued them as individuals for everything they brought to us and the ranch’s work. I asked them to cease the battle- reminding them that harmony was important for us all to thrive.

There were sighs, yawns, licking & chewing all around, as we connected with each of them as individuals, heart to heart.

I had hoped my message was heard loud and clear.

It was.

The next day all four horses stood in the shade of the shed for the very first time ever!

Usually Charm hogs it all and lets the others bake in the mid-day heat. Sometimes she lets in number 2, Seren. But almost always Frolic and Jaren are left out.

But not that day- they all made room: four horses in harmony, enjoying the cooling refreshment of the shade.

My heart sung.

The Gift: Speak to your herd from the heart and they will understand you!

What heart truth have you shared with your horse or herd and how did it shift things? Please share!

Thanks to Karen for helping to facilitate this herd healing! Need some help tuning into your own animal's truth? Check out Karen's website. She's a gifted intuitive & healer.

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