Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did YOU Reclaim your Soul Purpose with Power, Passion, & Playfulness!?

A huge shout of of THANKS to everyone who came out for our inaugural Full Moon Equi-Healing Circle last week!

And more thanks to Gavin Hughes for his powerful Shamanic drumming, and our assistant organizer Jen Tomas for her healing energies!

It was truly an honor and a blessing to preside over the activities of this magical evening- they touched the depths of my soul!

We began with a guided meditation where participants got in touch with the energy that their Soul Name is carrying, they reclaimed their Soul Title (or soul purpose), dissolved a block standing in the way of moving ahead on their mission, and they discovered a Soul Tool to help them leap forward with power, passion, and playfulness.

Whew! And that was just the beginning!

Then we went outside under the moon for a powerful, mystical ritual with the horses.

And let me tell you, this ritual was more powerful than even I expected!!!

I was treated to tingles all night long, as each Circle member mounted a horse, came before the tribe, and stood in their power by proclaiming their Soul Name, Energy, Purpose, Block, and Tool.

The group acted as a Mirror, echoing each member's Truth, then we sent them symbolically forward on their soul path with their new tool, as they walked 2 circles atop the horse of their choice- with the horses helping them to integrate the new energies.

It was remarkable to feel the spine chills as the group affirmed each members true soul purpose, and the horses provided additional confirmation, as they yawned and shook their heads at the exact same moment for each member.

This experience brought home to me the deep importance and healing gift of being recognized by our Tribe, for the unique service we've come here to provide to Humanity.

It's so powerful to hold a mirror up so that people can see themselves, and feel their Light, more clearly.

We are so infrequently truly SEEN, and even less, deeply acknowledged and appreciated for Who We Really Are- that a ritual like this can be life-altering, giving us the confidence we need to commit to walking our soul path with our heads held high, and our hearts open in service to all we've come here to do.

It was also remarkable to notice how each member of this evening's circle had a different soul purpose, yet each role seemed to come together for the good of the tribe- each person's gifts weaving a beautiful tapestry of support for the whole.

It was a perfect microcosm of what's True in our larger Tribe.

And imagine the power if we all stood within our Human Tribes, knew the gifts of everyone, respected those gifts, and made use of them as they were originally intended! Life would flow with Divine Perfection!


Not only was this evening personally healing and empowering for everyone, but it shed light on how grace-filled it could be as each of us move forward, indeed a part of a larger Tribe of people awakening all over the world, knowing that yes- we each have an important, role to play, unique to us.

Trusting that what we have to bring to the group is beautiful, and needed, and will be richly rewarded as we strive to SEE each other on a soul level, and support each other on the level of Spirit!

THAT is the goal of this Summer's monthly Full Moon Equi-Healing Circles!

If you'd like to join in the magic and transformation, mark your calendars- because we've got more adventure in store for you- and we'd love to have the joy of your company on this soulful journey!

Visit this last event's page to read what members had to say about their experience of this circle!

June promises to be a particularly profound event as we'll be riding the powerful Equinox Energies which happen earlier in the week, as we meet on the night of the actual FULL MOON! Imagine the possibilities for transformation with all of those supportive universal energies available!

More details to come soon about each events particular themes/activities- as they will all be different.

Be sure to become a member of our Healing Circle on Meetup to keep up to date on opportunities for stepping into your Soul-ful Self!

Upcoming Dates: Saturday Evenings

June 26
July 24
August 22

At the Happily Ever After Holisitc Healing Horse ranch, NE Parker, CO

See you under the moon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Got Pain? Call in the Cosmic Chiropractor!

If your herd is anything like mine, hey- we all have chronic misalignment issues that create discomfort.

A tweaked neck here, a sore low back there, some weakness on the left side, some tightness on the right.

All of us- horses and humans alike.

And I admit it, some days I get frustrated and wonder how on earth we'll all ever get into tiptop condition.

That is, in the absence of bodywork sessions that cost $100 a week for each of us! Um, let's see that would be a minimum of $500 a week!

But since THAT's not a current option, I was feeling kinda down when I found the latest lump, bump, and crick in Charm's neck.

Ok, more than down- I was starting to feel downright hopeless.

But hopelessness begets desperation. And often, desperate minds will reach for ANY solution, no matter how unorthodox.

That's how I came to be standing in my driveway, my right arm exhausted from trying to massage away a knot that was definitely NOT moving in Charm's neck, realizing there was no way in hell I had the skill to make this happen.

So, with nothing to lose, I turned to Spirit and called in the Cosmic Chiropractor. I figure there must be one, right?

Plus, for good measure, I called in all of the Highest Energy Healers in the Universe- hey, why not- they are free!

I'm not exactly on a first name basis with these Beings, but in the book Hiring the Heavens, the author suggests it's possible to get expert help from the spirit realms with just about anything, just by asking.

So, then I stepped back and expected NOTHING to happen.

Imagine my surprise when, for the next 30 minutes, I was guided step by step through a series of seemingly complex, ordered energy healing maneuvers!

It started with a lot of breath-work first directed at her tail, then various spots of her body, which continued for most of the session. It included some light and moderate touch both above her body and directly on her body, often with tapping occurring 3 times. And it definitely included doing a variety of very odd things I never even considered doing to a horse before!

To Charm's credit, she stood stock still the entire time and she wasn't even tied- with lush green grass beckoning just a few small steps away. In fact, she appeared far less confused than I felt! I kept wondering, "What the heck was going on?"

Yet- I found that if I stayed in my body, and stayed in the moment, as soon as I finished one maneuver, I just knew what to do next, and gracefully began doing it.

I got the impression that the work was opening energy channels/meridians, balancing chakras, creating alignment across all systems, and basically resetting her entire energetic matrix!

How cool is that!? And what a blessing!

The whole series finished with some really lovely words about our combined well-being.

And I was even given after-instructions: She needed 3 days of rest during which she may feel more sore for a bit, she should be turned out as much as possible because movement was key in her reintegration, and she needed lots of pure water.

It was suggested that this healing ritual be repeated for all of the horses, every 3-4 months for about a year, when we should all be feeling good as new.

When I was done, I was pretty shocked at what had transpired between us and part of me wished I had an observer who took notes so I could repeat that process for the other horses.

Because how on earth was I going to remember a whole 30 minute routine I'd never even read about?!

Then I realized that just as I was wordlessly guided today, I would be silently instructed any time I called in healing assistance.

I, personally, don't need to know anything.

Just as you do not need to.

We simply need to be willing channels for spirit's healing energies.

We only need to put out the call and be open to allowing the answers & energy to flow through us to the Beings we have agreed to assist.

The more we can get OUT of the WAY, the more we can allow what needs to happen to BE.

Of course, the animals know how to do this, it's us humans who need more practice asking, trusting, and allowing.

Want to join me on a healing adventure? Play with opening up to spirit and see how your animals would like healing to be channeled through you to them!

Hey, it's free, and you have nothing to lose. But we all have so much to gain!

I'll let you know how the cosmic healing goes for Charm and all of the healing herd!!

Readers: Have you had a cosmic healing experience with your animals? Please share!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's Waiting to be Released in YOU?

Today was an important anniversary for me.

But actually I had no idea. No memory.

However, Serendipity, the head of our healing horse herd, knew.

And she took it upon herself to remind me.


For some reason I felt compelled to go out and groom the girls at dusk, not suspecting that more was in store.

That’s often how healing opportunities present themselves- out of the blue.

Standing with the brush in hand next to Seren, she seemed to be enjoying the strokes, when she moved her head closer to mine.

In the quiet of the evening, as she turned her eyes toward me, I felt a wave of sadness.

Was it hers or mine? For a moment I could not tell.

Then she said, “Today is the anniversary.”

“Anniversary?,” I wondered back to her.

There was a moment of silence, filled with sadness, and then she continued, “The Indian massacre we were involved in happened today.”

Ah, so the sadness was neither hers nor mine, it was OURS.

I was immediately reminded of a full moon spent under the stars last summer with my herd and two shamanic friends, when we discovered that we had ALL shared an Indian life together- the 3 of us and my 3 horses. It was not a life that ended well.

The fateful end came when our tribe was ambushed by white men, who killed everyone, even the horses.

Our little group of 6 had done some healing that night last summer under the full moon, but apparently there was more to be healed.


Back in the paddock today, Seren lamented the useless, savage loss of lives that day. And reminded me that we both still carried scars of mistrust from then.

That day she lost some trust in the goodness of humanity.

And she gave me a history lesson, reminding me that I too lost trust in my fellow mankind- showing me that I had worked hard at creating peace among the peoples, but in the end I had been betrayed.

And apparently, the betrayal, mistrust, sadness, and even guilt still hung hidden in my heart.

Seren said it was time for more forgiveness and healing to take place.

In a flash, I saw in my mind’s eye a circle of light and it was clear there was a gathering of souls involved in that day- the white men come to offer apology, and the Indians and horses, there to create forgiveness.

From the Higher Self side, there was nothing left to be forgiven, all had already been absolved. And yet the human ego and physical body often retains energetic scars that still need to be released.

And so, that’s what we did, Seren and I stood and allowed all of the darkness and pain to be dissolved into light. The circle came together, and everyone stood in the Light, filled with heartful love.

It was a beautiful, deep, healing moment, filled with tears.

I thought we were done. Then Seren lowered her head, placing her nostrils into my ear for several long moments, as if she were whispering sweet nothings.

But not exactly so sweet, those breaths held the remembrance of so many lifetimes where I had been unable to save my people.

Seren showed me that the current guilt I feel in so many areas of my life, was a holdover, a habit, an energetic pattern and residue from many past lives when I was powerless to save myself, my family, or the people I felt responsible for.

“It’s time to release that burden of guilt. It was never yours to carry, you know,” wise Seren continued.

Indeed, and so I let the rush of tears cleanse and purify me of eons worth of sadness, burden, loss, and guilt- asking to be released from all agreements, vows, or even curses, left over from these lifetimes so I could move powerfully ahead in the present.

We allowed the process to unfold with grace and ease. And then, as these things go, the process was done, and Seren casually walked away as if it were any other day.

Yet we were both clearer & lighter, and thankful for the gift of deep healing and release.

What patterns are your horses ready to help you release? Are there emotions, reactions, or behaviors that keep you feeling stuck, that seem too strong to be explained by what you know about your history? They may be residues from past lives that need clearing.

The Horses stand ready to assist!

Readers: Do you have a story of horses helping you heal a past wound? Please share.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Horse is Calling You to Join in a Vision of Horse-Humanity Healing!

As you know, over the holidays I co-wrote a book, Awakening Unity with Horse, with a Spirit Horse named Jasper about Horse's role in helping to heal humanity and support them towards the next stage of our current Consciousness Shift.

Last night, I tuned into the Spirit Horse Herd, and like many previous nights, they shared with me a vision, that I now wish to share with you.

They've shown it to me so many times, that all I can presume is that they want YOU to join with me in holding this beautiful vision of Unity, as it will help promote healing worldwide!

It looks like this:

Imagine seeing a globe of the world, all blue and green.

From every location on earth, horses and humans step forward to take their rightful place in the Circle of Enlightenment.

See a circle taking shape that encircles the entire globe. Side by side, the horses stand next to the person- each member the Next Link in our Healing Whole.

Horse, human, horse, human- with the human's arms reaching wide open to touch a horse's back on each side, connecting all members of this circle with enormous heart energy.

Every Horse and Human who comes forth has been called to become a part of this Healing Mission of Service to Humanity.

Have you heard your call yet? More and more are remembering their original plan to assist in this momentous occasion.

As the circle is completed, it is clear that there is a column of light flowing down into each member of the circle, horse & human. This Light is carrying the healing codes, helping us make the leap to Higher Consciousness.

And each member of the Circle is holding space for this healing vibration.

As they do, it connects with all other members in the circle, creating a vast, interconnecting web of light encasing the globe in a beautiful sparkling web of enlightenment.

This is the vision of Enlightenment that Horse and Human have come here to partner and co-create.

Please join me in taking a moment each day to hold this vision, in your heart.

See it, then FEEL it, starting from your heart.

Allow it to gather it's force there until it wishes to burst forth from your heart, to be sent out from you, to the world.

See yourself connecting to the whole web, brightening the light. Knowing that your light adds to the whole.

As often as you can, do this visualization in the presence of your Horse, who will add his Light to the circle. Or if you cannot be together, invite her to join you in Spirit and she will.

Every time we take a moment to feel this as Truth, we are strengthening it as our Reality, until at last we'll reach the tipping point, where all of our brothers and sisters will join us in a transformation of Love.

I'll see you there!

PS. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who took a moment to vote for Unity with Horse over at the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest. Today is the last day to vote in the first round. I'll let you know soon, if we made it to the next round!

Here's the link to vote!
Vote for Unity with Horse