Friday, September 24, 2010

An Equinox Opportunity: Healing with the Pegasus Energy

Recently, we went to go look at a horse for Greg. Before we met him, I decided to tune into his energy to learn more about him. Using Shamanic Journeying, I went into a meditative space to meet him on a soul level.

I wasn’t really prepared for what I was about to discover.

Upon entering the Land of Horse, I was greeted by one of my new guides, Promise, the baby Pegasus, I’ve written about recently.

Promise took me through the field, to a beautiful garden glen.
There I was introduced to a glorious horse, the Spirit of the horse we were to meet.

He was a beautiful, glowing golden color, with the wide wings of a Pegasus. Not only that, but he was surrounded by baby Pegasus’. In fact, he was in charge of a Pegasus nursery!

Who knew those existed!

I tuned into the knowing that he was responsible for overseeing the Pegasus energy entering the earth plane. “Wow! What a responsibility,” I thought.

Then he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. Of course I took him up on the offer.

Lately I had been wondering a lot about the difference between Pegasus energy, which we are surrounded by at the ranch, and Unicorn energy.

My gorgeous Pegasus guide was about to answer that question, as we rode into a secluded nook of the enchanted forest whose crowing jewel was a spectacular Rainbow Waterfall and Pool.

As my guide invited me to slip off of his back and into the pool, he explained, “Pegasus’ embody this beautiful rainbow energy.”

As I entered the pool, I could feel the tingly sensations of it’s healing energy.

He showed me that it was a powerful healing tool. He spoke, “Since it contains the full spectrum of colors & vibrations of energy, it has the ability to heal and balance all conditions.”

“You should spend some time every day in this pool,” he suggested.

“And please bring people here,” he requested, making reference to the healing meditations that I create.

Indeed! I promised that I would before we departed back to this Consciousness.

After this amazing journey, I was pretty sure this was a horse destined to join our healing herd. But after meeting him in person, we decided it was not meant to be.

However, what we learned about the Pegasus energy is the perfect accompaniment to the Autumn Equinox energies which are currently upon us!

This time between the 2010 Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice in December is an especially powerful time for transforming old patterns and stuck energies. We are all being asked to release everything that no longer serves us as we journey to the possibilities of higher consciousness.

The Pegasus Rainbow Energy is here to help anyone who wishes to call upon it’s healing powers. Ask a Pegasus to be your guide to the Rainbow Waterfall and intend for your own healing for the highest good. Spend a few moments a day in the rainbow energy from now till December, and allow all that is no longer YOU to dissolve!

Now is the time to step into your Magnificent Self, with Pegasus as your guide!

A guided healing meditation with Pegasus and the Rainbow energy will be available as a download soon! Stay tuned.

What did you discover on your own journey with Pegasus to the Rainbow Waterfall? Please share!

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