Friday, March 12, 2010

Why Greg is the Best Horse Husband Ever!

I have to hand it to Greg. He never complains.

He's solid like a rock when you need him.

The kind of man you can count on- who doesn't wussy out, even when:

- it's midnight
- he's just about asleep on the couch
- and you need him to go medicate and bandage a fussy yearling
- in the windy, cold, winter night.

What more can you ask of a guy!?

Especially when it was my prior silly decision that lead us to be doing this onerous chore so late in the freezing dark- in the first place!

Damn he even kisses horses!

He deserves a reward, don't you think? What shall it be.... any ideas?

True Love: Being willing to help each other out, even after dumb decisions, never once muttering, "I told you so!"

Readers: How does your partner help you out with your beloved animals without complaint? Please share!

BTW- This is #761 Reason Why You Should Marry a Horse Lover!!! Listen In to my cheerful debate on Stable Scoop radio about why you definitely should marry a horse-lover!: Valentine's Day Episode

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