Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where's Your Promise?

As most of you know- we are surrounded by animals here at the ranch: 4 horses, 5 cats, and 2 dogs, each a healer in their own right.

But what you might not know is that we are also blessed with the presence of a menagerie of a different sort!

A Mystical Menagerie of animal guides, sometimes known as spirit guides or totem animals. Revered throughout the world in shamanic traditions, animal guides reside in the spirit realm offering you the knowledge, strength, guidance, and healing you need to move forward.

We often have one or more with us since birth, and acquire the guidance of others for specific periods of time during our journey through life, particularly when new skills, qualities, or energies are needed.

I’ve been honored to learn not only from my earth bound animal friends, but from many magical animal companions, such as black panther, golden eagle, red tail hawk, lion, and others.

But I’m always surprised when a new animal spirit makes it’s presence known- usually through mediation, or as it’s known in the shamanic tradition, journeying- when our logical mind takes a break and allows in deeper images and guidance.

Recently, during a laid back meditation, I was pleased to make the acquaintance of a baby Pegasus whom I had not seen before. Adorable and playful, I wasn’t quite sure why he had arrived. Although I could tell what energy he was carrying, I couldn’t quite make out his name and wasn’t sure of his purpose.

But it wouldn’t be long before I had the answers to all of those questions and more!

About a week later, I entered a meditation to get some guidance for our upcoming healing circle about Transcending Your Sacred Wound. Since these circles incorporate our Healing Herd, I always travel in my imagination to the Land of Horses to receive their guidance.

Once there, I was greeted by none other than my little baby Pegasus once more! This time, he proudly and very clearly stated that his name was Promise. And that he wanted to lead the next healing circle because he was carrying the energy that was needed.

In fact, it was the gorgeous pure energy of Innocence that we all carry as Children before any wounding takes place. He embodied the Hope that comes with the Pure Potential that is seeded in each of our hearts. But more than hope really, he stands for the Limitless Possibilities that are within our grasp when we know our Worth and embody our True Selves.

I had to agree with him- Promise was the perfect name and he was the ideal guide for our Circle, since we’d be working with our Inner Child to reclaim all that he embodied.

Do your inner child a favor, sit for a moment and feel the essence of the word Promise.

Not what one could promise and then not follow through on. Not the broken promises that can be evoked by this word.

No, let’s those associations go.

Instead call up the pure, simple essence of Promise: that of Limitless Potential.

Breathe that in for a moment.

Feels nice, huh?

Where did your pure Promise go?
Why did you hide it?
What did you give up so you could be safe?
And most importantly, do you want it back?

I hope so, because it’s your birthright and it’s high time you reclaimed it!

And besides, Promise is waiting to lead you back to yourself!

So join us for our next Full Moon Equi-Healing Circle, where Promise will help you rediscover your original promise by aiding you in Transcending your Sacred Wound.

Sunday, Aug 22, 4:30 pm.
More Info: Transcending Your Sacred Wound

Can’t make the August circle, but want your own Promise back?

Not to worry, we’ll soon have a Guided Healing Meditation from Promise that you can use any time, any where to shed your False Self and embody your True Self once more- all full of innocent radiance and endless possibility!

Or come out to the September Circle, where you can meet your very own Equine Spirit Guide and begin your own enlightenment adventure! That Guided Healing Meditation audio will be available after September too.

Join us in standing in your own Promise so you can give your gifts to the world! It is time and the Healing Herd waits to assist!

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