Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is SynchroDestiny Working It's Magic In Your Life?

How the Bread Crumbs of "Coincidence" Brought in the Newest Member of the Healing Horse Herd

Do you recognize serendipity at work in your life? What some call “coincidence” others call SynchroDestiny.

To me that means that when you have set a clear intention, and are open to receiving, the universe arranges just the right thing at just the right time to support you on your path.

The keys to allowing SynchroDestiny to blossom in your life are to:

1. Recognize when it happens,
2. Not dismiss it as coincidence,
3. And be willing to act on it.

I call it being willing to Follow the Breadcrumbs…the little clues along the way that bring you right to destiny’s door. Then all you have to do is knock!

Trouble is, what shows up may not always be what you were expecting, or perhaps, you weren’t prepared to act because you weren’t expecting anything at all.

In these moments, we can be paralyzed by doubt, by fear- what if we are wrong and it really is just coincidence??? What if I am not meant to act???

SynchroDestiny asks for your faith, for you to take the leap into the unknown, trusting that everything is unfolding as it should.

And for your faith, you are rewarded with brilliance, with miracles, with magic. And they can happen every day once you are In the Flow with the Universe.

I feel compelled to write about SynchroDestiny today because lately, it seems to be working it’s magic all around me.

Recall the 2 most recent blog posts about how a new black kitty who touches my heart arrives at just the same time that my favorite soulmate kitty is dying. THAT is SynchroDestiny working it’s magic. I wasn’t sure about getting her, I was afraid. Yet I acted and have been rewarded with a tremendous new love in my life.

Now, the pending arrival of the latest member of the Healing Horse Herd has SynchroDestiny’s stamp all over it.

Let me share with you the story so you can get a sense of how Following the Breadcrumbs helps you allow the Universe to assist you towards your dreams, with SynchroDestiny.

So you can more clearly see the process of SynchroDestiny unfold, I'll use Italics to denote the breadcrumbs. And the Inspired Action, that was necessary to allow Synchrodestiny to unfold, will be in Bold.

It started in June with setting the clear intention that we will attract all of the perfect healing animals that will be working with us at the Healing Horse Ranch. You set it and forget it. We had almost forgotten our request!

The summer rolls along and it’s August. I’ve got 2 saddles for sale and neither one of them is budging. I’m getting frustrated that we can’t seem to sell anything!

Then one night I am on the Internet and I run across a brand new horse show event. I’m curious because it’s unusual: an Event for Gaited Horses. Gaited horses don’t usually do dressage, cross country jumping, and stadium jumping.

So I look it up and discover that all horses are welcome and it’s late enough in the year that I can get my mare, who’s been off for the season due to injury, to a show finally. I’m excited about that.

But I have a commitment that weekend that I would need to move to attend the show, so I shoot off an email to the organizer of the event, Lisa, to see if she’s sure they will hold the event. Her friendly reply assures me that yes, the event is solid.

Great, I think. So I moved my commitment, thinking that was that. A few days later, I get the intuition that I should write to her and see if she knows anyone interested in the saddles. But this time, I don’t do anything…I mean to, but I don’t act on it right away.

Several days after that, I get an email that Lisa has sent out to her contacts that informs us that we can advertise horses and tack for sale on her event website for $5 each. This I noticed because it was an unusual coincidence- I was just thinking of emailing her about the saddles and instead I get an offer from her to advertise them. Interesting, this prodding from the Universe. Sometimes when you don’t act, you get a little prod. Strangely, I still don’t do anything!!!

A few days pass, I’m trying to decide if I want to spend the $10 to put both saddles on her website. When I finally get ready to email her, I notice that I had missed an email from her about a week earlier because it was in my spam folder.

I open it and she’s asking me if I know anyone who wants a yearling a colt who would make a great future eventer. No, I’m thinking, I don’t know anyone. But strangely, I ask her to tell me about him anyway. Why- I have no idea! AND, I also ask her if she knows anyone interested in my two saddles.

We exchange a couple of emails with the details of each offering. When all of a sudden I get an email from her that says that one of my saddles is her dream dressage saddle, would I be interested in trading the saddles for the horse?

Well, heck I never even considered that! We don’t need a 4th horse. And if we did take one on, we’d want it to be a horse my husband could ride right now and/or a steady horse any of our clients could sit on. A yearling, even if he had the right temperament would still be 3 YEARS away from being the right horse!

Nevertheless, I tell her that if she would consider trading just the dressage saddle (worth only $700) for the horse, we’d be interested in meeting him. Why did I say that?- again I’m not sure…but by now I am getting the feeling that SynchroDestiny may be at work. So I am definitely at full attention.

She writes back that yes- that would work for her.

So, I call my husband, almost afraid to tell him what’s going on because it’s slightly absurd- what would we do with a horse we’d need to feed for 2 years before we could even start to ride him!?

Unexpectedly, he says, “Well, it sounds like a no brainer. The horse is worth more than the saddle.” This from a man who has been really worried about tight finances and been very clear about NOT wanting any more animals right now. His openness to this crazy situation is another breadcrumb.

So, within the week, we go to meet this little fella. We discover that he seems to have just the personality that we look for in a horse, peaceful and super friendly. And he’s going to be very tall- at least 17 hands- which will make him a great future mount for my husband. And Lisa thinks the saddle is perfect.

So, now we need to decide:
Is this just a crazy coincidence that will make our lives more difficult, or is this divinely-inspired SynchroDestiny at work, bringing us what will turn out to be the perfect horse at the perfect time- even though we weren’t looking for a horse and we really weren’t too keen on a horse we wouldn’t be able to ride for years!!!

That’s where faith comes in. So, as I’m driving down the road, I ask for a sign:
Is it in the highest good for all concerned for this little guy to join our herd? If yes, please send me a very clear sign!!!!

The intuitive response I get is immediate and funny: “What more of a sign do you want!? We’ve dropped him into your lap!” And this recognition came with one of my signs of Truth- tears. Indeed for almost a year now I’ve been asking for the perfect horse for Greg to drop from the sky and land in our laps, for free.

And here he is, not exactly free, but requiring no exchange of money. He just didn’t come in the package we expected.

So, we’re being asked to trust that this will indeed turn out to be the Perfect Horse at the Perfect Time. That he will be carrying gifts we are meant to receive right now, and that we will offer him equal in return.

We’re being asked to act on the mere belief that there is a very good reason that this particular horse has been dropped in our laps at this particular time- even if we don’t know exactly what that reason is.

SynchroDestiny asks one last time, “Are you willing to make this leap?”

Throwing caution, doubts, and fears to the wind, Greg and I answer, “Hell, yes, why not?- let’s go for it!”

He is arriving and I can’t wait to watch the magic continue to unfold!

You can learn more about SynchroDestiny, a concept put forth in a book by the same name written by Deepak Chopra here: SynchroDestiny

Can you share a time when SynchroDestiny worked it's unexpected magic in your life???

Little P's Epilogue: Finding the Sweet Spot of Love in Death

The Gain of One Kitty Heralds the Loss of Another

Fascinatingly, within a week of Little P's arrival, another reason for her serendipitous joining of our family became apparent.

The day after Little P arrived, my soulmate kitty, J'oui, became ill. I didn't take him to the vet right away as he often gets a little under the weather only to bounce back after a few days.

Little did I know, he was dying right in front of me and I was missing the signs. Sure, I knew something was off, I just hoped it would clear itself. I didn't know how sick he was.

By the time I got him to the vet, they didn't think he would last the night. Devastated can't come close to describing the feelings of loss and grief I experienced.

Unable to sleep that night, I stood out with the horses under a meteor shower and cried. I cried so hard that eventually all I could do was lie down at Seren’s feet in the field, totally exhausted. She stood over me, like a silent sentinel, holding space for me. Frolic and Charm also laid down to rest. I felt one with the herd. And when I opened my eyes again, the sky was brightening with the sunrise.

It didn’t change the fact that I was afraid of losing J’oui.

J'oui was the one who had introduced to me the feeling of overwhelming unconditional love. Lying in my arms, his little arms touching my face, staring into me with his huge blue eyes, I knew a kind of pure love that I had rarely been in touch with in my life.

- All I had to do was look at him peacefully sleeping and love would well up in me.
- Watching him slink across the floor would make me smile.
- Noticing him clumsily almost fall off a banister would make me giggle.
- Hearing his outrageously loud purr would make me beam.
- And simply shouting his name with glee brought me more pleasure than it ever rightly should!

J’OUI!!!!! (pronounced J-weeeeeee)

Short for Joie de vie which is French for Joy of Life- THAT was exactly what this kitty inspired in me with his very presence- day after day.

I took more pictures of that cat than anything else, except for maybe sunsets. Greg joked that we would publish pictures books with names like J'oui and Me, The Tao of J'oui, and Oooo, La La, J'oui J'oui!

Greg would watch me oozing with pure bliss and ask me incredulously, “Is there ANYTHING that cat does that doesn’t make you happy????”

Um, no.

Sorry. I know you wish you were that cute. And you are, almost.

But my love for J’oui was otherworldly. Heck, I didn’t really understand it either. I just knew I planned on enjoying it for the rest of our lives.

I was often struck with deep gratitude for our relationship, knowing that it was such a tremendous gift- this ability to inspire such love and share it freely. I felt blessed to have that opportunity every single day and I realized how special it was.

I guess I thought acknowledging such gratefulness for it, would ensure it lasted forever.

So, the thought of having that love ripped from me unexpectedly. Well, it was more than I could handle.

I hadn’t been given a chance to adapt to the thought of life without him. To say my goodbyes. So I prayed that he would last the night and I could at least take him home to hold him one more day.

Thankfully, he did make it through the night, and strangely, against all odds, he’s holding on. He seems to be better. But I'm not convinced that it’s not his time. And I’ve given him permission to go on now.

But what I am convinced of is that the Universe arranged to deposit one gloriously loveable black kitty into my arms at just the time when I was about to lose the kitty love of my life.

And miraculously, that new kitty is able to inspire in me the very same glowing, unconditional love that J’oui can.

You know, not every cat has that effect on me. So the very fact that this new kitty can is not lost on me. It’s the miracle, the serendipity of the Universe working it’s magic.

And as I enjoy every moment I have left with J’oui, I am sure to thank him for sending in his replacement. Because I know, in my heart, J’oui has my back. And when I look into his eyes now, I can see that he’s got me covered.

I know there are more lessons to be learned here. But one of them is that the pure joy of unconditional love is always available to me, whether it’s in the form of a new kitty, or in the form of our timeless connection that will last even when J’oui leaves this earth.

Greater than that, though, is the challenge that J’oui is offering up- possibly it’s even his parting gift to me: A reminder not to look outside of myself for a source that will create that love in me, but to re-discover that place within me that can create the love all by itself.

Perhaps it’s a bit like a final exam, given from J’oui, the teacher, to me, the student.

It goes like this: "Now that I have reminded you what this great love feels like, can you go forth and share it freely from your own heart? Offering it far and wide to everyone and everything?

"And when you can sustain this kind of loving offering, you will have succeeded in the most important lesson of all, really the only lesson: Love."

I can almost hear him say, “Remember, Love is All That Is- now go forth and spread it. And as you do, you will always be close to me.”

And suddenly, just like that, J'oui's passing becomes the greatest gift one being can offer another: The chance to know yourself as Love.

Thank you J'oui from the bottom of my heart for all of the love that we share. And for this final, most monumental of gifts.

I know I'm not quite ready to pass this exam with flying colors, but I'll do my best to practice this lesson you so lovingly offered, until Living In Love comes as naturally and effortlessly as the love I felt with you.

Readers: Has something important come into your life at the time of a big loss? Please share.

Following the Bread Crumbs to One Gorgeous Black Kitty

The Story of the Latest Addition to the Healing Horse Ranch Family

“We need another cat like we need a hole in the head,“ Greg plainly states, as we’re sitting in a PetSmart Adoption Play Booth, trying to cuddle with a wriggly, still people-shy, yet totally adorable long-haired black kitten.

“I know, I KNOW, but still…..,” I reply, knowing that Greg is, of course totally right.

He’s the logical one. The rational one. The one that keeps me grounded- and from being a crazy cat lady with 26 cats.

And logic says that we have 3 cats already. That one doesn’t get along with the others so we have to keep them, sometimes awkwardly, segregated, otherwise bruises and black eyes develop.

So why on earth would I need a 4th cat? And what if she doesn’t get along with the others? And who will pay all of the bills, anyway????

That’s the logic. But I’ve never been ruled by logic. I go with the heart. The gut. What my intuition tells me.

And my intuition tells me that maybe, just maybe, I’m supposed to take home this little bundle of fluff.

WHY???, I wonder to myself…

It seems to go back a couple of years to when I went to a hypnotherapist and underwent my very first Hypnotic Regression. And on the way back, way, way back to another time and place, we made a pit stop to see if I had a guide who wanted to make itself known.

I arrived in my mind in a circle of grass, carved round by a forest of trees surrounding it. And I saw eyes, glowing eyes, yellow, perhaps green, staring at me from the wood. Ominous? Maybe, I couldn’t tell. Then a great big Panther strode out from behind the cover of darkness. Now, I was a bit nervous- big cats bite, hard- don’t they?

Just as soon as I began wondering if I was safe, the big cat morphed into a little black kitty, rubbing my lower legs in a figure eight pattern. I was safe. This animal was here as a protector, teacher, guide.

When I got home and did an internet search, I discovered that the Black Panther, as power animal or animal totem, was all about facing your fears, reclaiming lost power, embodying your sensuous grace, and playing with the moonlit, magical darkness. “Ha!,” I thought, “Perfect! Those are all of my current struggles- Panther is the ideal companion for me!.”

So, right then, I knew my future held a black kitty. Yet, now we had three cats- none of whom were even close to black.

Nevertheless, the seed had been planted. And it was watered the previous week when my blacksmith told me a tearful tale of how one of their 3 new black kittens had met a tragic, unexpected end. The whole time he told the story, not knowing where it was going, part of me wondered if he would be asking if I knew someone to take one of these kitties. But, that wasn’t where his story went, I had to admit, a little disappointedly. Yet- now the seed was sprouting.

And so it was the following week, in a new PetSmart, that I ran unexpectedly into the cat Adoption Center. I was just toodling around trying to find what I needed when, wham, my head flew up and there I was. “Crap!,” I thought, as I KNOW I’m not supposed to EVER go by the cats in their glass enclosures, as every time I do, they all call out to my heart and my will becomes not my own.

But there I was standing in front of one of the enclosures, housing three, 4-month old kittens. I gazed at them and a black and white tuxedo marked one stood up from the soft pile of kitty bodies, and strode over to me- rubbing against the glass. “Hell- now I have to play with them,” but just a minute I promised myself.

Once seated in the Kitty Play Booth, surrounded by the 3 kitties, it soon became clear that the one who originally caught my fancy, the Tux, would never be a good fit in our house- she was all Goddess- brave, strong, adventuresome. No, our cat Squeaker would never stand for that- he required submission.

But the more gentle, shy, fluffy Black one, now she seemed to fit the bill. More outgoing then the 3rd sister, and “Oh-My-God-Soft,” she intrigued me. Ever since my childhood cat Fluffy died back when I was maybe 10 years old, I’ve always wanted another longer haired cat.

I reluctantly gave them all back to the employee and headed on home, now wondering, am I supposed to take home that cat?

Since our beloved greyhound died a few months ago, Greg has been adamant that he did not want any more pets. Not now. And he’s never been a fan of cats anyway.

When I sort of tested the waters later that day by telling Greg that I had played with the kitties and the black one interested me, he replied, “I’m surprised you didn’t come home with him.” His resolved sounded a little softer than before.

But I try, I swear I try to uphold his wishes-so really I was only toying with the idea of getting that cat. But then something took hold.

I decided to sit with it. They are kittens, usually kittens gets adopted fast. Maybe if she is there the next time I go in, that will be a sign.

For the next few days, my soulmate cat, J’oui, was especially loving, alternating between curled up and being laid flat out in my lap. My heart purr’ed with pure pleasure in these moments and I radiated such happiness, that even Greg couldn’t be immune.

Greg would sit next to me, and I could feel how my unadulterated happiness became his happiness- since all he ever wants is for me to be happy. And clearly, the right cat brings me an ecstasy that he really can’t fathom, not being a cat person.
But he had to admit it, it was so very clear: Cats equal joy to Jenn.

And so, I could feel his “No More Pets” resolve soften further. By the weekend, I said, maybe we could just go see her again, you can meet her, and we can decide. He said ok, no doubt knowing that once my heart is set on something, there is little he can do to deter me. And yet- trying to respect his boundaries- I really wasn’t certain we needed to have this cat, right now.

Even sitting in the play booth- all three kitties and us, I still wasn’t sure. I was afraid to be sure, really. What if she wasn’t The One? Yet- she was so cute!!!

And so he acquiesced to filling out an application. And I figured it would be a day or so before we heard and we could always change our minds. As the staff member ran to get the forms, my favorite song came on, It’s Friday, I’m in Love by the Cure. As I swirled Greg around the floor, I wondered if this was a sign. This song makes me deliriously happy, it’s jaunty little tune always making me move. Surely, the timing was a sign? I’ve never heard that song in public, ever! Greg, not believing in signs, shrugged.

Surely the second sign was the fact that another employee strode over to us not minutes later and said, “She’s yours- you can pick her up tomorrow.” This, even though they were closing that very minute and typically they have to fax the application to the Pet Rescue and wait a day for an answer. “Hmmm, well I guess she’s ours,” I thought. I hoped I had made the right decision.

Even the next day, driving home with the new kitty crying pitiful mew’s from the cat carrier- I still wasn’t sure. “What if this is a mistake?,” I thought, as a hawk took flight off a fence by the road right in front of my truck. Nearly hitting him, I wondered if it was a sign. Hawk is another one of my power animals, and usually a good sign for me.

With a mix of trepidation, curiosity, and hope, I pulled onto our street, and immediately I saw the familiar rainbow by the side of our home. Always arriving as a sign that “All is Well,” the sight of “my” rainbow was the second welcoming sign and I burst into tears of gratitude, knowing I had correctly followed my intuition.

This black kitty was here for a reason.

It was only two days later that I discovered why.

As I sat at my computer, the new kitty, whom we were calling Little P, short for Little Panther- clawed her way up my chair and into my lap. She snuggled all over me, reaching her little arms up to my face, playing in my hair, rubbing nose to nose, staring into my eyes, purring. We had discovered that she was set on Perma-Purr, she is always purring- my absolute favorite sound! And her gentle, curious, connecting love just broke my heart absolutely wide open in joy. I reveled in the furry softness of her coat and the fuzzy, warm softness growing in my heart- it was such luxury.

I sat in that chair with tears in my eyes, overwhelmed with happiness, so grateful that I had followed my gut. And even more grateful to Greg, for seeing how much joy the cats give me, and allowing me to open our home to yet one more pet, who appears to be carrying the healing, universal message that All is Love.

Thank you Greg- you are my angel.
And thank you Little P for joining us. I love you already!

As I finish writing this, I feel compelled to go to the back porch and look out. There it is, another gorgeous rainbow shining end to end in the back yard. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I’ve given up believing in coincidence, now I only believe in fairy tales.

Little P expresses her agreement as she crawls into my lap and begins kneading my heart chakra. Love, indeed. And tears of joy.

Curious what Greg had to say about getting Little P?
Read his version of the story over at our Soulmate Celebration Blog: I'm Married to Jenn the Creepy Cat Lady

Readers: When has following your gut lead you right to the perfect pet, even when you weren't really looking? Please share.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Calling Forth Your Goddess Self : A Mini-Playshop with Horses

You KNOW men are attracted to goddesses. Heck, all good things come to those who stand in their Goddess nature. So whatever happened to your Goddess Self!?

You are invited to join us for a half-day of mythic self-discovery and recovery as we bring forth a fuller, more vibrant version of your Goddess Self, with the aid of the Healing Horse Herd.

Next Date:
Sunday Oct 11


$35 includes lunch.

Outside Denver, CO

Play Shop Activities:

- We’ll start by exploring what being a Goddess means to you, as we wonder which parts of the Goddess Energy you may have left behind in your past- perhaps due to pain, loss, fear, or illness.

- Then we’ll invite the energy of a particular Goddess’s attributes to work with you, by selecting your personal card from the Goddess Deck.

- Ready to get in touch with your own missing piece of the Goddess, we’ll enjoy a group reflective round pen exercise with the horse, designed to help you discover and recover the part of the Goddess energy you’re most ready to reclaim to help you create success in your life right now.

- Then you’ll be given the opportunity to embody your newly reclaimed Goddess Self during a short individual active round pen session with the horses. By stepping into your new energy, you’ll be able to accomplish a task with the horse, as partner, opening the door to accomplishment in your real world- using the very same Goddess energy.

- Next, we’ll anchor our rediscovered Goddess vibe into our powerful subconscious mind by engaging in it’s primal, potent language of images and symbols, with the creative and playful Pony Painting Activity- where we actually create an image of your Goddess energy by painting on a horse! What fun!

- We’ll complete the circle of our mythic journey by pulling a card from the Horse Wisdom deck- discovering how to integrate ancient horse wisdom with our new Goddess energy in our current lives.

You’ll leave with an authentically inspired, practical plan to bring more of your True Goddess Self into all that you do- making you a powerful magnet for success worthy of a Goddess!

Give yourself the Gift of Embodying Your True Goddess Nature!

Email for more info or to register: drjenn@happilyeverafterranch.com

Or visit: www.happilyeverafterranch.com

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wait! Before You Do Anything with your Horse- Ground

Whole-Hearted Horsemanship Skill 2: Grounding

So, tell me. When you first get to the barn, what's your typical state of mind? Relaxed and peaceful, or um, something else.

If you are like most horse owners, you arrive after your day- scattered, stressed, distracted, maybe even grumpy or depressed. You might even be looking forward to some time with your horse to help you shift OUT of that not-so-nice place.

That's cool, because most of the time, hanging out with your horse will help you feel better.

But what's not so cool is subjecting your happy horse to your tension.

Imagine what it would be like if you were hanging out with your buddies, relaxed, having a good time and all of a sudden someone with the energy of the Energizer Bunny (buzzing, whirling, swirling, agitated) walks up to the group. It's jarring, uncomfortable, disconcerting. Heck, you'd just want to move away so you could get back to enjoying your peaceful vibe.

Well, it's often that way for our horse when we arrive.

Most of us are stuck in our heads- with a never ending chatter going on about everything in our world. This does not feel comfortable for your horse.

Actually- it doesn't even feel safe for him- because you are not in your body- centered and grounded.
And that's where he is, usually, in his body, grounded to the earth, with his energy balanced and free-flowing.

So right away, you are in two totally different worlds. One that feels good to him and one that he'd really rather not have to visit, if that's ok with you!

Luckily- your horse does want to help you shift to become more like him, grounded and relaxed.

In fact, he'd like you to do that first thing with him so you guys can start off with a nice clean slate, connected and ready to go anywhere, do anything- TOGETHER.

It’s the perfect place to start too, because once you guys are both grounded, you are on the same page, the same team.

You’ve essentially opened a clear line of communication, where before there was just static and your horse shouting, “I can’t hear you!”

So, here’s a simple, easy way to get grounded with your horse, using his energy field to help you out!

Getting Grounded

1. Stand next to your horse, with your arm over his whither, if he will let you.

2. Take a big deep breath, expanding both your chest and stomach areas- as you exhale, imagine sending all of your energy down from the top of your head, all the way down your legs and feet into the earth.

3. Take 3-10 deep breaths, continuing to flow all of your energy into the earth, until you feel calm, steady, and stable.

That’s it! Totally simple, and yet it’s the only true place to start with your horse.

And if you are feeling especially crazed, take some time to ground in the barn before you approach your horse so you won't set him off. Then go do it together and let let him help you the rest of the way.

But please make sure that you always get grounded before you get on your horse! Always!

Otherwise your ungrounded energy can create unclear communication and result in spooky, distracted behavior.

And if you become uncentered or ungrounded once you get on your horse because something unexpected happens, simply repeat the exercise while seated on your horse- until you are both calm.

Remember that other people in your life respond to your energy in the same way that your horse does!!

So if you want to create successful and smooth interactions at work or home, always take a moment to take a few deep breaths and get grounded before you start any important conversation. The other person will unconsciously respond to your peaceful vibe by being easier to get along with.

So try it with your horse, boss, co-workers, teenagers, or spouse!

And let me know how it goes!

Until next time,

Have a Whole-Hearted Ride!