Sunday, April 13, 2014

Are Your Ready to Shed your Shield?: The Parting Message of the 2014 TeleSummit

As a THANK YOU for everyone who joined in the 2014 Healing with Horse Tele-Summit, the Healing Herd has this wonderful parting message that encourages you to ask:

"What am I ready to shed so that I may serve joyfully alongside of horses, shining my HeartLight into the Darkness, uplifting Humanity through the Heart of Horse???"

Then discover a two-part process to Shed Your Shield of outdated patterns with the help of horses!

Here's what Serendipity has to share with you...

Please share!
What's your "favorite" shield?
What are you ready to shed?
How do the horses help you release outdated patterns?

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Do you Need to Forgive the Moment?

On a recent afternoon, three of my herd were out for a neighborhood ride, my husband and a friend astride Seren and Frolic, while I urged Charm forward on the road. A variety of topics flitted through the conversation until anger and forgiveness took a turn.

In that moment, all three horses stopped and left piles of manure on the road. All three- exactly at once.

"Wow, that was an unusual coincidence," I noted to my friends.

Knowing that hidden among innocent equine behavior is often a message, I asked, “What was I just saying?”

My friend repeated, “You just said- you don’t have much to forgive.”

Ah, yes, I had just said that...and for a moment, I wondered about the deeper meaning of the horse’s pooping in unison. And then the conversation took another direction and I have to admit, I didn’t think much about it again.

That is, until a few days later when atop Charm, walking down the street, alone this time, she came to the same spot in the road, and yes, you guessed it, pooped again.

This I noticed, so I quieted my mind to tune in to her.

“As emphasis,” she said, “to remind you.”

“Remind me of what,” I queried?

“Of forgiveness!,” she clarified.

“But I don’t feel I have much to forgive,” I repeated to her my thought from the other day.

“Well, you could start by forgiving yourself. You are awfully hard on yourself, you know,” she suggested.

“Indeed, you are right on that account,” I agreed.

“And then you could try forgiving this moment for not being perfect,” she offered.

Huh?, that was an unusual thing to say, I thought. But as I pondered for a moment, I did indeed become aware of the things I had been noticing which were less than “ideal.” A cloudy sky, a chilly breeze, a walk which I wished were a trot.

So I did as she suggested, breathing into my heart and offering a little forgiveness for this moment, in all of it’s imperfection.

And in the next breathe, I found that the moment became more perfect. My heart softened, opened, becoming more warm, more grateful to be aware of that very moment in all it’s beauty.

And the deep wisdom of Charm’s simple statement pierced through me. Yes- indeed! Why not practice forgiving the moment for not being perfect, for in doing so, it becomes more perfect instantly, aligning us with Grace and Ease.

I thanked Charm for opening my eyes to the value of forgiving even that which seems not to need forgiving, for in that moment, we open to the Truth surrounding us: That all is Perfect!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Join in the Magical Full Moon Healing with Horses!

Under the light of the August full moon, emboldened by the sparkling Perseid Meteor shower, join with the Herd on a sacred journey to embody your Magnificence!

Aug 13th 2011, Littleton, CO, 6-9 pm,
$20 includes dinner
A part of the Heart of Horse Festival!

Long, long ago, Horses agreed to uplift humanity, to remind you of Who You Really Are. Their deepest desire is to spark in you an ancient remembrance of your Unity with all that is.

The time has come to remember this Truth and horses wish to be your guide forward to the next stage of consciousness- the Divine Human!

And yet, there is fear…fear of failure. So many times before we have failed to reach our hoped for destination- where body & soul combine into one beautiful essence on the earthly plane.

And so we hold back from our Greatness…for fear of what would happen if we, once more, try to shine our Light fully.

Yet, NOW is the time to dissolve this fear that holds us back from reaching our true potential as Souls living in Human bodies. Now is the time to release what no longer serves so we may reach toward our destiny as Divine Humans!

And riding the energies of our dear friend, Horse, united together under the moon-filled sky, to the sacred sounds of drumming and hoofbeats, we shall go on a mystical journey to reclaim our Wholeness.

- You’ll discover which aspect of the Divine Masculine- your pure power to create- wishes to return to you.

- You’ll be embraced by a portion of your inner Divine Feminine who wants to join with you to manifest your heart’s desires.

- And you’ll connect with a facet of your Divine Child who eagerly wishes to power your creations with awe, wonder, and imagination.

Once returned from your journey of self discovery, you’ll embark on a voyage to embody your new gifts in the comfort of community.

By integrating your new energies into your body, through group ritual, movement, and sound, you’ll anchor your gifts into your own essence, leaving with a richly felt empowerment to more fully create your heart’s desires.

For when you live fearlessly from your heart, you touch everyone in your path, inspiring them to make bold, heart-ful choices. And that is how we will make our way to the Divine Human, one heart-filled choice at a time.

Let horse be your companion on this most sacred passage, lifting you into your greatness, where your Light can be a beacon for all of humanity to find it’s way Home!

Join the Magic! Spaces limited.
Grab your ticket now at

Aug 13th 2011, Littleton, CO, 6-9 pm, $20 includes dinner

Your Full Moon Journey is facilitated by:

Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., Relatinship Psychologist, Reiki Master, and Equine-Inspired Healer
Jackie Ashley, MA, Somatic Psychotherapist, Creative Arts Therapist, and Equine Psychotherapist

With Special Guests

Jen Tomas of Silver Owl Healing Arts,
James Galusha of Holographic Love Ministries, and
Rebecca Hilton, Celtic songstress and yoga instructor

Ready to be touched by the Heart of Horse?
Join in the Festival- Sat or Sun Aug 13 or 14,
right before the full moon event.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do Horses Hold Your Energy Code?

Accessing Your Essence with Co-Creative Help from Horse

In preparation for our upcoming playshop: Uncovering Your Essence- A Co-Creative Painting Party with Horse, my gorgeous goddess Charm and I had our own painting party this weekend.

As usual for our time spent in the company of Horse, the gifts bestowed were many, powerful, and often unexpected.

To begin our journey into mindful co-creation, I started by tuning into the energy systems (charkas) of myself and my horse partner with a simple question:

What symbol or energy wants to be expressed in this area now?

When standing in Sacred Space with horse, with a still mind and open heart, our inner vision often becomes startlingly clear, offering to us the perfect image to heal our energy blockages and strengthen our systems.

In this unique creativity experience, the image that arose was painted upon the living Canvas of Horse. Through the focus required to paint the symbol, your intention remains strong- inviting the energy to manifest clearly. And interestingly, I discovered that by breathing life into the energy of the symbol for me, Charm was helping to ground and hold the new energy so that I could anchor it into my own body more easily.

Chakra after chakra I went, discovering the perfect symbols to support me in anchoring my own Essence into my body at this time.

The most unexpected symbol came for the heart chakra-
while one always expects a heart image, what came was different- initially.

As I closed my eyes, one hand upon my heart, the other upon Charm’s, I tuned into a green dollar sign, filled with the emotion of generosity, along with the knowing that as abundance flows, we can become more generous with our service of others because we are unimpeded by lack.

As I started to paint the top S of the dollar sign, I quickly recognized that the top part was the same as the first half of a heart. I giggled with the realization that my symbol was about to become a dollar sign joined with a heart. And instead of the slashes through the dollar sign, there were lightening bolts, symbolizing the power inherent when we are grounded in heartful, love-filled prosperity and abundance. A lovely ah-ha for me!

“How clever,” I thought, as I thanked Charm for helping me see before my very eyes and feel this new insight on a deep level. I knew in that moment that this special symbol would be an important one for me to use in subsequent meditations.

Another surprise was the discovery that the symbols energetically flowed into each other, building upon the last in unique and powerful ways, that would quickly become a dance that Charm and I could do together- bringing us closer to our combined perfection.

In fact, that was just what we did! Once the living canvas of my Essence, inspired with Charm’s help, was complete- together we activated the energy with combined movement in the round pen. Seeing the images flowing by, embodied by the power of Horse,
activated the energies in my own body and awareness on a whole new level.

Completing the energetic masterpiece by sitting atop my steed, I allowed Charm to help me invite these new energies into every cell and every level of my being, breathing in my own essence, made more powerful now, with the help of Horse!


See what new energies & symbols Horse wants you to help you embody! July 9th

If you’d like to uncover your Essence with the co-creative help of Horse, join us for our next Wisdom Horse Playshop, July 9th, 10:30-1, only $25! At the Happily Ever After Healing Horse Ranch, NE Parker, CO.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

What are You Focused On?: The Unexpected Gift of an Accident

For months now, the horses have been trying to get me to focus.

It started with a shamanic journey vision where I felt the pure power of focused intent when I sat astride a gorgeous white horse. Galloping together, I sensed the powers of manifestation that become available when our thoughts & feelings combine and stay focused on a heart-felt vision.

I was inspired by the uplifting vision, yet still, I ignored it. There were parts of myself that simply weren't ready to stand fully in my I continued on, with a blurry vision, distracting myself in ingenious ways.

Till the other week, when I hopped on our 2 year-old Jaren, with the intent of simply having Greg walk us to the arena. For the first time ever, I asked him to walk us alongside of Frolic. The four of us made our way down the little slope to the arena, not terribly focused.

In a flash, Jaren tripped and fell all the way down in front. Bareback and unprepared, I slid up onto the middle of his neck. For a moment, his head was so close to the ground that I could have just stepped off his neck, no worse for the wear.

But I didn't react quickly enough.

Trying to decide the best course of action, I didn't act at all. That is, until Greg's screaming broke the fog, "Get off! Get off! Get off!!!"

So I bailed, at just the moment when Jaren flung his neck up trying to get on his feet. I flew a few feet to the side, landing on my hip, sliding to a stop in the gravel.
The physical effect? Massive road rash accompanied by the worst bruise I've ever had. OUCH!

Stunned, I walked off the pain and nausea in small circles as the 2 horses stood staring at me with concern in their eyes.

Not my best moment. For a few days, as I cringed with pain every time I moved, I was tempted to chalk it up to being an accident, Jaren being 2 years old and all.

But given that Frolic herself had tripped and fallen to her knees with me a few months previously (luckily I didn't come off then), I knew better than to tune out.

Instead, through meditative journeying, I tuned in to the soul level to discover the meaning of this "accident."

What I discovered was my next lesson on the effect of Focus.

Yup, the trip had indeed happened due to a lapse in focus- on all of our parts.

Distracted, it was easy for Jaren, whose uncoordinated youth combined with a bumpy slope to create disaster. And we, the humans, had not supported him by creating the environment to help him focus.

My guides thought that this incident could be a "sharp reminder" of the physical effects of a lack of focus. Sharp for sure!, I laughed. It was skin penetrating!

With the pain and discolored bruise, my guides hoped to help awaken me from my self-enforced fog of unfocused-ness.

Sometimes, some of us need more than a gentle prod, when we've ignored the earlier, more subtle suggestions.

But still, given that this was the second time a horse went down with me, I wondered if there was something deeper, so I pressed for more.

What I saw was a past life I shared with Jaren. It was a long time ago, a Mongolian lifetime and we were riding at the end of a caravan traveling up a snowy mountain, in the dark. In this vision, Jaren showed me that he was so tired. We both were.

And, in a sleepy moment of unfocused attention, Jaren's foot slipped off the path- with disastrous effects. We both fell over the side of the mountain, falling, end over end, to our freezing deaths.

Then Jaren brought my attention to our hips- a place we both have chronic pain. He showed me that the rotating fall down the mountain created misalignment and pain in that lifetime. That pain pattern- which was currently manifested in his right hind and was also the same hip I bruised, was still somehow related to a lack of focus in this life.

I got the sense that the fall in this lifetime, in addition to highlighting the need for increased focus, was also meant to bring forward a past life pattern, one with current life symptoms, which needed healing- for us both.
What an unexpected gift!
So, I stood with Jaren and tuned into the healing space. I allowed what wanted to happen to unfold, a mix of tending to his body with energy and tuning into mine, with healing hand positions and stretching. I was asked to hold the intention of "unraveling" on many occasions. Then I sat upon him and walked, allowing the shifts in our systems to be anchored together.

As we walked in circles, I became aware of a figure 8 pattern of energy that wanted to connect our hearts. It was drawn, coming up from his heart, diagonal through mine, up over my head, crossing diagonally down through mine and into his again- repeatedly. I allowed this connection to settle in deeply, breathing in the bliss.

This is an energetic connection you can use with your horse too- anytime you want to become united, heart to heart.
Afterward, Jaren appeared more sound in the hind end on the lunge then he has for quite some time. And the pain in my body felt eased, creating a more natural straightness.

Of course, I was left in awe of the amazing opportunities that underlie what seemed to be an "accident." A grand reminder to us all that there are so many gifts waiting to be claimed when we take a moment to go deeper into whatever life presents, even when it's painful!

Readers: What unexpected gift or lesson did you find within an "accident"? How have horses helped you discover the power of focus? Please share!

Ready to put the Power of Focus to work in your life? Stay tuned for a brand new offering: Manifesting Your Heart's Desires, brought to you by a Wizard Horse! Coming soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chosen by a Horse: Healing the Inner Child

Sometimes profound healing is awaiting, nestled into a common moment.

One of those moments was about to occur….

As I walked into the arena to take my turn experimenting with the energetic boundaries of horse, I had no idea that Little Jenn had tagged along.

Little Jenn is the name I’ve given my inner child, that part of each of us that holds both the brilliant innocence of Being as well as our early Sacred Wounds.

I thought I was simply entering the arena to try out what I had learned about Energetic Boundaries from Sharon Bringleson, Advanced Epona Instructor and facilitator of the weekend workshop I was attending at Mustang Hollow, in Nunn, Colorado.

I had low expectations for how the horse would respond to me, having watched the horse in the arena, Aria, a gorgeous black with 4 white socks and a blaze, mostly ignore the previous participant, as she continued to scavenge the remainder of the season’s dry weeds at the perimeter of the fence.

We had simple instructions to play with Energetic Boundaries, the concept that all of us- horses and humans- have bubbles of energy that surround us and extend a variety of distances, based on the individual and the circumstance.

Sharon had explained that when someone enters our bubble, we display an automatic, nonvoluntary sign- a blink of an eye, a tail swish, a head raise. Horses have several layers to their bubble, one typically at 40 feet, another at 20, and several closer to the body- all assisting them as prey creatures to stay safe in a predatory world, conveying the information they need to keep protected.

Our job was to simply approach the horse and when we felt we had crossed an energetic boundary- either by sensing it in our bodies, or noticing a sign from the horse- to pause, rock back, and take a big deep breathe. We were not to proceed closer to the horse until we felt we had permission.

Such an exercise, in contrast to how we normally directly approach our horse without asking for permission, can offer a deep sense of respectful partnership to a horse. It’s a clear sign that we are giving him a choice in the matter: Is it ok to play today?

After I strode into the arena, I took a big breathe and settled into my body, staying in tune with my inner sensations. I felt a little nervous, “Who knows how she will react to me.” And became aware that there was a part of me that wanted her to like me and was all together uncertain that she would.

As I crossed into Aria’s 40 foot boundary, she gave me the subtlest of signals, only rolling an eye up and toward me, never pausing from her fastidious weed nibbling. If I wasn’t paying close attention, I would have missed it.

In that moment, I rocked back, and breathed out. Her response? She immediately took a few steps toward me, and continued grazing.

“Hmm,” I thought, “that was nice. It worked. I offered her respect and she came toward me.”

After a moment, I began walking slowly toward her again, carefully tuned into the next sign that I had hit one of her boundaries. At about 20 feet, there it was again: the slightest roll of her eye toward mine.

I instantly paused, stepped back, and released a sigh. Once more, she returned my gesture by walking towards me a few steps before returning to her weed obsession.

I noticed that I was slightly surprised that it was working exactly as it should. And I was pleased by our growing sense of mutual respect.

One more time, I began the dance of tuning into her boundaries and this time it worked exactly as before, only now, she strode right up to me, close enough for me to brush her side with my hand as she passed by to investigate what was left to be nibbled behind me.

I had to admit that I was amazed that such a subtle dance of respect had worked so easily and smoothly: by offering my respect for her, she offered her acceptance of me. From there a real partnership could be built.

I left the arena pleased, a part of me relieved that the horse had responded to me in the hoped-for way.

Next, Aria left our company and another horse was brought into the arena, a taller, handsome black horse with a white star named Soleil.

Soleil was new to the Epona work. Previously labeled “dangerous” and slated for the killers, the owner of Mustang Hollow, Robin Davis, had rescued him and begun the process of leading the horse back to himself.

He had since not shown any aggression towards humans. Yet, due to the previous rude and abusive treatment, he was still not quite convinced that he had a choice when it came to a human approaching him, so he often didn’t respond at all when a human entered his 40 foot or 20 foot boundary.

I went in second to play with this magnificent steed, and as I entered the arena I was acutely aware of my limiting belief: “The first time was a fluke.”

I didn’t dare to hope it would work the same way as it did with Aria. Clearly, I didn’t expect “success.”

I tuned into that vulnerability as Little Jenn snuck in, those were her beliefs, not being sure of her worth.

But Soleil had a different belief in mind.

This time, the process unfolded magically, even more powerfully than the first.

It took only two turns of him reacting, my pausing and breathing, for him to walk straight to me!
It was like my heart had magnetically connected to his and drew him to me from over 20 feet away!

As he entered my energetic boundary, close to my heart, I let out a wild spontaneous giggle right from my soul, and blushed. That sound of pure delight came directly from Little Jenn, who in that moment felt intimately “SEEN.”

Soleil smelled my hands, curious about me. Then he settled in to stand next to me, seemingly content to just be in my presence.

As I breathed in the comfortable connection, all of those moments of childhood invisibility melted. Gone was the sense that there was no one to notice me, no one to care about my needs.

As the fears and doubts dissolved, in their place was the knowing that I was worthy. Worthy to be chosen by a horse.

Little Jenn sighed, and giggled once more at the pure joy of the moment. At the fulfillment of being CHOSEN.

And I, once more was elated at the magical transformational powers of horse. Of their ability to coax forward our deepest wounds, uncover with clarity the inaccuracy of our earliest misguided conclusions, and restore our spirits to their rightful wholeness.

All within a simple, singular moment of connection, heart to heart, providing just what the soul needs for self-righting, correcting the course, leading us back to ourselves.

Thank you Aria and Soleil for bringing me back to the very essence of my Magnificent Self.

Readers: How has horse helped heal your inner child? Please share!

Learn more about programs at Robin Davis' Mustang Hollow and Epona Advanced Instructor Sharon Bringleson. Or discover our healing with horses programs at Happily Ever After Ranch- where the healing heart of horse awaits you!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seren’s Message: Do you have an Embracing Heart?

You never know what the Healing Herd has in store for you.

The other day a friend and I were hanging with the herd, quietly tuning into what needed to shift within ourselves.

My friend noticed that Seren really wanted her to understand something about the dog we've been dog-sitting, Max, over yonder engaged in his favorite outdoor activity- eating horse manure.

Over and over, Seren would nudge her and point to Max. My friend had been focused on her heart space, but wasn’t sure exactly what Seren meant to say.

So I tuned in, and here was Seren’s message for her.

“Be more like Max. His future is uncertain. He doesn’t know if he’s staying here or leaving. Yet, he has opened his heart. He loves fully. He doesn’t hold back. He stays in the moment, embracing this family with his whole heart-no matter what may come.”

Then Seren nudged my chest, “You too! You need to practice this too.”

“And while you are at it,” Seren continued, with a bit of earnest irony to her tone, “Tell the rest of humanity to work on this too. Boy, they need it!”

“But how?,” my friend wondered, it’s not so easy in the real world.

Seren had a ready reply, “Start with your herd. First thing in the morning, be with them, and open your heart among them. Get the loving flow between all of you. Soak it in. From that space, start your day.”

Then Seren shot me “The Look.”

I felt a little admonished, knowing that she has previously encouraged me to begin my days this way, but I had yet to take her up on her advice.

Hey, I’m seriously not a morning person!

But her point was taken: Sage wisdom from the matron of the Healing Herd….

That happiness is to be found in every moment, with an open heart, embracing the possibilities that come from savoring what is in front of you, not needing it to be any different, yet offering our compassionate love no matter what the circumstances.

Yup, letting the love flow. Filling the space with love.

It’s why we are here.

To transform every experience with the uplifting energy of unconditional love.

Don’t have a herd or can’t be with them in the morning? Not a problem!

Simply close your eyes and ask you horse(s) or the Spirit Horse Herd to join you, and the essence of the Heart of Horse will help fill you with love. All you need is a clear intention.

How has horse helped you step into unconditional love? Please share!