Sunday, February 14, 2010

Listen In to Stable Scoop Radio: Should You Marry a Horse Person!?

Its an age old question. You are passionate about horses. Arguably- you've created an entire lifestyle around your devotion to equines. So when it comes to partnering up for love with a non-equine- should you pick another Horse Person?

Whether I answer you personally or professionally, my answer is the same:
A resounding YES!

Personally, my most rewarding days are the ones I spend immersed in my deepest passion, horses, with the person I am most passionate about- my husband- who is also a rider. Sharing something we both love makes us feel closer to each other, and gives us endless things to talk about, never mind, to do together.

Professionally from a psychological viewpoint- it's always best to chose a mate who loves to do the things you love to do- it minimizes conflict and gives you plenty of time joyfully doing something you both enjoy- which boosts your bond.

And we've all heard horror stories of the STRESS horses can cause in a relationship when one is a horse lover and the other, well, just isn't.

What if you aren't lucky enough to find the perfect partner who ALSO loves horses?

You can work around this, but there are some important things to consider!

To learn more while having a chuckle, listen in to my interesting chat with Glenn and Helena on the Valentine's Day episode of Stable Scoop Radio (I'm the second guest). Click the link below.

Stable Scoop Episode 78 – Annual Valentine Episode

And if you haven't heard my expert tips on the 5 minute Horse Tip Daily show, check them out here:

Dr. Jenn: Horse Tip Daily

Here's hoping you had a Valentine's Day filled with horse-y and human LOVE!

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