Monday, September 20, 2010

What’s Standing Between You and Unity with Your Horse?

Sometimes there is something standing between you and the unity you crave with your horse. Oftentimes you aren’t even aware of it!

That’s what was happening with me and Charm lately. A near accident on Frolic had brought up my old nerves. And now, a previously vanquished fear was rearing it’s ugly head, especially with Charm- my Power horse.

Charm does that- highlights where I have given up my power.

So when it came time to try out my new “Unity with Horse” healing meditation, I decided to do it with Charm.

As Charm stood sentinel over my head, it took only a few minutes into the healing journey, before I got in touch with the deep sadness that was hiding beneath the fear.

Almost instantly, I could feel the depth of the sadness, bringing tears to my eyes, sobs tightening my chest.

In a moment, it was clear that in response to fear, I had previously shut down my heart. And now as I peered deep inside, I could sense that part of my heart still remained imprisoned- the bars clearly keeping me from fully connecting with Charm.

As the healing journey guided me to ask for Charm’s input on how to shift this block, Charm sent me a picture of the Little Jenn (what I call my inner child), running toward me with a giant Daisy. The image captured the essence of Innocence and Purity- that heart space that children automatically connect from.

I breathed in the essence of pure innocence- that place from which unconditional love most readily springs, as I anchored that energy into my heart.

Then I tuned into my horse, to see where she may be mirroring the same energy, carrying it for me, as our most beloved animal companions often do.

I saw that her heart was partially shut down too, waiting for mine to reopen so we could stand united in love, together.

And with that recognition, a giant rainbow came spiraling out from her heart, connecting us both in the gorgeous energy of heart connection. I stood next to her, my arm draped over her whither, and allowed it to soak into my heart.

Mmmm, yummy.

Then the healing journey continued, asking me to tune into where this same block was showing up in other areas of my life. I immediately saw my husband Greg and knew that I had partially shut down with him as well- there were pieces of my heart that were being held back.

And it was time to offer them to him fully.

As I saw that vision, I allowed the rainbow energy of love, innocence, and purity to stream through all of us (he was there with us, reading the meditation out loud for me), connecting us all in unconditional love.

United, I knew the fear was never needed, not really. And that all I ever needed to be connected to those I loved, whether horse or human, was to show up with my heart in my hand, ready to offer myself fully, unconditionally.


How have you released obstacles between you and your horse? Please share!

Ready to dissolve the blocks between you and unity with your horse? This Healing Journey will be ready as a downloadable audio meditation soon!

When I used the journey the next day to facilitate a healing circle, several people who came with their own horses were able to make profound shifts of transformation, both for themselves and their steeds!

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