Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wait! Before You Do Anything with your Horse- Ground

Whole-Hearted Horsemanship Skill 2: Grounding

So, tell me. When you first get to the barn, what's your typical state of mind? Relaxed and peaceful, or um, something else.

If you are like most horse owners, you arrive after your day- scattered, stressed, distracted, maybe even grumpy or depressed. You might even be looking forward to some time with your horse to help you shift OUT of that not-so-nice place.

That's cool, because most of the time, hanging out with your horse will help you feel better.

But what's not so cool is subjecting your happy horse to your tension.

Imagine what it would be like if you were hanging out with your buddies, relaxed, having a good time and all of a sudden someone with the energy of the Energizer Bunny (buzzing, whirling, swirling, agitated) walks up to the group. It's jarring, uncomfortable, disconcerting. Heck, you'd just want to move away so you could get back to enjoying your peaceful vibe.

Well, it's often that way for our horse when we arrive.

Most of us are stuck in our heads- with a never ending chatter going on about everything in our world. This does not feel comfortable for your horse.

Actually- it doesn't even feel safe for him- because you are not in your body- centered and grounded.
And that's where he is, usually, in his body, grounded to the earth, with his energy balanced and free-flowing.

So right away, you are in two totally different worlds. One that feels good to him and one that he'd really rather not have to visit, if that's ok with you!

Luckily- your horse does want to help you shift to become more like him, grounded and relaxed.

In fact, he'd like you to do that first thing with him so you guys can start off with a nice clean slate, connected and ready to go anywhere, do anything- TOGETHER.

It’s the perfect place to start too, because once you guys are both grounded, you are on the same page, the same team.

You’ve essentially opened a clear line of communication, where before there was just static and your horse shouting, “I can’t hear you!”

So, here’s a simple, easy way to get grounded with your horse, using his energy field to help you out!

Getting Grounded

1. Stand next to your horse, with your arm over his whither, if he will let you.

2. Take a big deep breath, expanding both your chest and stomach areas- as you exhale, imagine sending all of your energy down from the top of your head, all the way down your legs and feet into the earth.

3. Take 3-10 deep breaths, continuing to flow all of your energy into the earth, until you feel calm, steady, and stable.

That’s it! Totally simple, and yet it’s the only true place to start with your horse.

And if you are feeling especially crazed, take some time to ground in the barn before you approach your horse so you won't set him off. Then go do it together and let let him help you the rest of the way.

But please make sure that you always get grounded before you get on your horse! Always!

Otherwise your ungrounded energy can create unclear communication and result in spooky, distracted behavior.

And if you become uncentered or ungrounded once you get on your horse because something unexpected happens, simply repeat the exercise while seated on your horse- until you are both calm.

Remember that other people in your life respond to your energy in the same way that your horse does!!

So if you want to create successful and smooth interactions at work or home, always take a moment to take a few deep breaths and get grounded before you start any important conversation. The other person will unconsciously respond to your peaceful vibe by being easier to get along with.

So try it with your horse, boss, co-workers, teenagers, or spouse!

And let me know how it goes!

Until next time,

Have a Whole-Hearted Ride!

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  1. Thank you for confirming that communication is safe & more clear energy wise when grounded vs scattered/stressed or in an emotional state.

    If I happen to be in a place of emotional/spiritual processing & healing, I wait to answer the phone & or communicate, until after I have harmonized & integrated my thoughts & energy. It always come out much better & I avoid misunderstandings. Same with horses too! :)