Monday, August 17, 2009

Calling Forth Your Goddess Self : A Mini-Playshop with Horses

You KNOW men are attracted to goddesses. Heck, all good things come to those who stand in their Goddess nature. So whatever happened to your Goddess Self!?

You are invited to join us for a half-day of mythic self-discovery and recovery as we bring forth a fuller, more vibrant version of your Goddess Self, with the aid of the Healing Horse Herd.

Next Date:
Sunday Oct 11


$35 includes lunch.

Outside Denver, CO

Play Shop Activities:

- We’ll start by exploring what being a Goddess means to you, as we wonder which parts of the Goddess Energy you may have left behind in your past- perhaps due to pain, loss, fear, or illness.

- Then we’ll invite the energy of a particular Goddess’s attributes to work with you, by selecting your personal card from the Goddess Deck.

- Ready to get in touch with your own missing piece of the Goddess, we’ll enjoy a group reflective round pen exercise with the horse, designed to help you discover and recover the part of the Goddess energy you’re most ready to reclaim to help you create success in your life right now.

- Then you’ll be given the opportunity to embody your newly reclaimed Goddess Self during a short individual active round pen session with the horses. By stepping into your new energy, you’ll be able to accomplish a task with the horse, as partner, opening the door to accomplishment in your real world- using the very same Goddess energy.

- Next, we’ll anchor our rediscovered Goddess vibe into our powerful subconscious mind by engaging in it’s primal, potent language of images and symbols, with the creative and playful Pony Painting Activity- where we actually create an image of your Goddess energy by painting on a horse! What fun!

- We’ll complete the circle of our mythic journey by pulling a card from the Horse Wisdom deck- discovering how to integrate ancient horse wisdom with our new Goddess energy in our current lives.

You’ll leave with an authentically inspired, practical plan to bring more of your True Goddess Self into all that you do- making you a powerful magnet for success worthy of a Goddess!

Give yourself the Gift of Embodying Your True Goddess Nature!

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