Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Money Mojo Magic MAKEOVER: The Gift of Being Reconnected to the Infinite Source of Abundance

I had money on the brain. Money, money, money.

Me and money? Not so much friends.

I figured it was time to do something about it.

So I joined several hundred other folks to participate in Jeanette Maw’s Money Mojo Magic Party.

Otherwise known as the Good Vibe Coach, Jeanette is my favorite Law of Attraction guide. She’s on her game. Heck, that's partly because she knows it’s a game, one to be played with, with a playful spirit. Creation should be fun, joyful, frolicsome!

Now, if only I could create money out of thin air- that would be frolicsome!

Anyway, I figured if I was serious about getting to the bottom of this money block, I best “Take this issue to the horses.”

Why hadn’t I thought of that before!? So, out I went to the horse paddock intent on discovering and releasing this prosperity block.

I stood by my leggy beauty Charm, took a deep breathe and brought money, particularly a lack of money, to mind and then wondered, “Where in my body does my attention go?”

“Hmmm, interesting,” I thought, as I noted what felt like an invisible line running right across the bottom of my throat, “I’ve never noticed that line before!”

I wondered what was below the division, checked in, and discovered that I felt nothing, numb.

Huh, well that certainly suggested that there was a massive energy block, eh!?

I wondered what might be more helpful than a line dividing me, and got the image of an hourglass, with energy able to flow back and forth, up and down the throat, to the rest of the body.

So I went ahead and installed it in my mind, playing with flowing the energy through a much clearer throat now- imagining seeing big piles of money being deposited at the bottom of it.

But, instinctively, I knew there was more. Just how much more I could never have predicted…but I followed my intuition, crossed over the fence and stood next to the Wise Leader of our Healing Horse Herd, Serendipity.

I wasn’t there but a moment, bringing money to mind, when I burst into tears. Sobs really- long, pitiful ones, that came with narrating words like, “There’s never enough,” “I’m so hungry,” “Please hug me.”

There were no specific memories that came with the words. I didn’t know if we were talking a lack of food, love, money, what? Was it even this life, or a past one?

From previous work I’ve discovered that you don’t need to know. You just need to stay with the sensations, the emotions, allowing them to flow freely- and if there were words that came, great, allow them to flow out too. Give voice to them, bring them forth.

And so I did, pitifully repeating the same theme over and over till I felt my back crumpling over in a posture of defeat- spine curling in on itself, shoulders hunched over, arms hanging heavier towards the earth.

True defeat- the kind that comes when you think you’ve tried everything and have finally come to the realization that “Nothing I do will make a difference here.”

Then it came, something I’ve felt creeping in many times before, “I just want to die.” I wanted to give up, be done banging my head against the wall. I never really knew where that notion came from, but here it was again, clearly a defensive strategy meant to help me cope with a powerlessness to get primal needs, for love, food, safety, met.

Slowly the wailing stopped, as Seren stood stock still the entire time, despite all of the nagging, biting flies. The tears dried, and I stood up taller, straighter.

It was as if a weight had been lifted. I knew I had released some ancient, deep-seated pain. Sometimes called catharsis, I’ve discovered that the horses are gifted at assisting with it- helping us humans connect with and then release huge reservoirs of emotional turmoil.

As the space cleared, I knew it was time for the next phase and I followed what my gut told me to do next, “Put your hand on Seren’s heart area.”

As I did so, I took a big, cleansing breath, allowing whatever needed to happen, to come. And come it did, as I sensed love flow from Seren’s heart over to me, eventually engulfing me in a gigantic deep red heart.

It was as if she was filling the void created by releasing so much pain- filling it with what was really supposed to be there in the first place- nothing but love.

It was beautiful, this spontaneous gift she was giving to me, and I breathed into gratitude- expecting no more, I mean what more is there to give!

And yet it came. Now I was being connected to an even greater, more powerful source of love than we earth-bound creatures can offer each other.

I saw it as a huge white tube connecting my heart to the sky, and instantly knew I was being re-connected to Source- to the Universal Source of Abundance.

“Wow, this is deep, important, pivotal even,” I thought. No wonder my life had been defined by Lack- I was disconnected from the Source of All That Is!!!!

As I allowed Source to continue filling me up, another unexpected thing occurred. I watched as out of the big white tube sprung a smaller white tube, growing up towards my mouth.

“Ha!,” I laughed when I intuitively recognized that it was a straw, given to me so I could “Sip from the eternal sweetness of life and offer it to others.” That was the phrase that came.

“Well, that’s certainly touching,” I reckoned, now with tears of joy and small giggles of delight intermixing. That’s clever, down right funny even, given my eternal sweet-tooth that is never, ever satisfied! I started to wonder if I could fill my need for physical sweets with this ethereal straw? After all, once you’ve sipped from eternal sweetness, is the taste of earthly sugar and chocolate ever quite as satisfying!?

I was pretty sure I was at the end of the gifts of this magnificent healing session when all of a sudden I had an AH-HA- although, to be honest, they sometimes come in as DUH’s.

And this one went, “DUH, you know all of those double rainbows you see around here? Well, they ALL come with pots of gold, silly. You are surrounded by endless pots of gold- all yours once you are open to receiving them!!!”

Well I’ll be darned- that had NEVER occurred to me before!!!

The double rainbow has been a powerful sign that all is being taken care of since the very first time I asked about the future of acquiring this ranch, and one materialized out of thin air in front of me. Two by two, they’ve made countless appearances in the year since then, always perfect, always special, always sending me a silent hidden meaning: That everything will be alright.

And never in all of that time did I remember that rainbows come with pots of gold!!!

So enlivened with this most obvious of realizations, I hopped on Seren’s back in my mind’s eye and we galloped over to the pots of gold, all of them- frolicking among the coins representing true prosperity, free-flowing wealth, infinite abundance. I allowed myself to feel it, to finally experience what it would be like to be enveloped with never-ending abundance.

Soon, I got back from my imaginary jaunt, dismounting with a “Damn, that was one hell of a healing session Seren. My God, THANK YOU!”

She stood patiently, taking in my hug and kisses, then turned to walk away plainly, as if nothing meaningful had happened- as if she didn’t just reconnect me to the Source of ALL That Is!!!! As if she was pleased to serve, but considered it simply “all in a days work,” since the miracle of infinite abundance is a Truth known to all horses, even if humans have to work to re-discover it!

I reeled for days with the enormity of the healing offered that afternoon, spontaneously under a sunny sky. I vowed to play daily with that most powerful of images, being connected directly to Source, and knew that money would begin flowing once again.

And so it has, slowly, as a trickle at first. But as I continue to frolic among those imaginary pots at the end of the rainbow, soaking in the reality of Infinite Abundance, I know that feeling will translate into earthly Prosperity. I can almost hear Seren’s wise counsel, over the jingling of gold coins, “All in due time, my friend. In due time.” More timeless wisdom from the Healing Horse Herd.

Readers: What timeless wisdom of Abundance has an animal graced you with? Please share!


  1. Wow- as your ever supportive husband, I can't wait for those pots of gold to materialize!


    Love, Greg

  2. Thanks Greg, when the pots of gold roll in, I'm planning on buying you a magnificent Arabian steed of the finest quality. And a ski condo. And a fancy-dancy bike!!!!

    Thanks for all of your support!


  3. I would like to share the Moussie story. This cat has been with me since 1996, and he was an adult when I got him. I love cats (and horses) and this is one reason why. It seems that Moussie wants to take my pain away (told to me by a pet psychic). Makes sense, since whenever I am stressed, so is he. But I began watching more closely after the psychic. When I am on the right track for myself, he's like a kitten - chasing bugs and howling at the great cat god. Even if I am confused or unsure, if it's in alignment with me, Moussie is his quirky, energetic self. The moment I lose track of ME, the cat goes into under-drive. He lies around and mopes all day. He hides in the bathroom. He won't play, doesn't want pettin's and loses his appetite.
    Now - how can I steer wrongly with such a great guide? Besides my own feelings, Moussie is there to let me know I am doin' it right!

  4. I LOVE this story- thanks for sharing! I love that the animals have so much wisdom for us- when we take the time to notice and be guided! :)