Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is SynchroDestiny Working It's Magic In Your Life?

How the Bread Crumbs of "Coincidence" Brought in the Newest Member of the Healing Horse Herd

Do you recognize serendipity at work in your life? What some call “coincidence” others call SynchroDestiny.

To me that means that when you have set a clear intention, and are open to receiving, the universe arranges just the right thing at just the right time to support you on your path.

The keys to allowing SynchroDestiny to blossom in your life are to:

1. Recognize when it happens,
2. Not dismiss it as coincidence,
3. And be willing to act on it.

I call it being willing to Follow the Breadcrumbs…the little clues along the way that bring you right to destiny’s door. Then all you have to do is knock!

Trouble is, what shows up may not always be what you were expecting, or perhaps, you weren’t prepared to act because you weren’t expecting anything at all.

In these moments, we can be paralyzed by doubt, by fear- what if we are wrong and it really is just coincidence??? What if I am not meant to act???

SynchroDestiny asks for your faith, for you to take the leap into the unknown, trusting that everything is unfolding as it should.

And for your faith, you are rewarded with brilliance, with miracles, with magic. And they can happen every day once you are In the Flow with the Universe.

I feel compelled to write about SynchroDestiny today because lately, it seems to be working it’s magic all around me.

Recall the 2 most recent blog posts about how a new black kitty who touches my heart arrives at just the same time that my favorite soulmate kitty is dying. THAT is SynchroDestiny working it’s magic. I wasn’t sure about getting her, I was afraid. Yet I acted and have been rewarded with a tremendous new love in my life.

Now, the pending arrival of the latest member of the Healing Horse Herd has SynchroDestiny’s stamp all over it.

Let me share with you the story so you can get a sense of how Following the Breadcrumbs helps you allow the Universe to assist you towards your dreams, with SynchroDestiny.

So you can more clearly see the process of SynchroDestiny unfold, I'll use Italics to denote the breadcrumbs. And the Inspired Action, that was necessary to allow Synchrodestiny to unfold, will be in Bold.

It started in June with setting the clear intention that we will attract all of the perfect healing animals that will be working with us at the Healing Horse Ranch. You set it and forget it. We had almost forgotten our request!

The summer rolls along and it’s August. I’ve got 2 saddles for sale and neither one of them is budging. I’m getting frustrated that we can’t seem to sell anything!

Then one night I am on the Internet and I run across a brand new horse show event. I’m curious because it’s unusual: an Event for Gaited Horses. Gaited horses don’t usually do dressage, cross country jumping, and stadium jumping.

So I look it up and discover that all horses are welcome and it’s late enough in the year that I can get my mare, who’s been off for the season due to injury, to a show finally. I’m excited about that.

But I have a commitment that weekend that I would need to move to attend the show, so I shoot off an email to the organizer of the event, Lisa, to see if she’s sure they will hold the event. Her friendly reply assures me that yes, the event is solid.

Great, I think. So I moved my commitment, thinking that was that. A few days later, I get the intuition that I should write to her and see if she knows anyone interested in the saddles. But this time, I don’t do anything…I mean to, but I don’t act on it right away.

Several days after that, I get an email that Lisa has sent out to her contacts that informs us that we can advertise horses and tack for sale on her event website for $5 each. This I noticed because it was an unusual coincidence- I was just thinking of emailing her about the saddles and instead I get an offer from her to advertise them. Interesting, this prodding from the Universe. Sometimes when you don’t act, you get a little prod. Strangely, I still don’t do anything!!!

A few days pass, I’m trying to decide if I want to spend the $10 to put both saddles on her website. When I finally get ready to email her, I notice that I had missed an email from her about a week earlier because it was in my spam folder.

I open it and she’s asking me if I know anyone who wants a yearling a colt who would make a great future eventer. No, I’m thinking, I don’t know anyone. But strangely, I ask her to tell me about him anyway. Why- I have no idea! AND, I also ask her if she knows anyone interested in my two saddles.

We exchange a couple of emails with the details of each offering. When all of a sudden I get an email from her that says that one of my saddles is her dream dressage saddle, would I be interested in trading the saddles for the horse?

Well, heck I never even considered that! We don’t need a 4th horse. And if we did take one on, we’d want it to be a horse my husband could ride right now and/or a steady horse any of our clients could sit on. A yearling, even if he had the right temperament would still be 3 YEARS away from being the right horse!

Nevertheless, I tell her that if she would consider trading just the dressage saddle (worth only $700) for the horse, we’d be interested in meeting him. Why did I say that?- again I’m not sure…but by now I am getting the feeling that SynchroDestiny may be at work. So I am definitely at full attention.

She writes back that yes- that would work for her.

So, I call my husband, almost afraid to tell him what’s going on because it’s slightly absurd- what would we do with a horse we’d need to feed for 2 years before we could even start to ride him!?

Unexpectedly, he says, “Well, it sounds like a no brainer. The horse is worth more than the saddle.” This from a man who has been really worried about tight finances and been very clear about NOT wanting any more animals right now. His openness to this crazy situation is another breadcrumb.

So, within the week, we go to meet this little fella. We discover that he seems to have just the personality that we look for in a horse, peaceful and super friendly. And he’s going to be very tall- at least 17 hands- which will make him a great future mount for my husband. And Lisa thinks the saddle is perfect.

So, now we need to decide:
Is this just a crazy coincidence that will make our lives more difficult, or is this divinely-inspired SynchroDestiny at work, bringing us what will turn out to be the perfect horse at the perfect time- even though we weren’t looking for a horse and we really weren’t too keen on a horse we wouldn’t be able to ride for years!!!

That’s where faith comes in. So, as I’m driving down the road, I ask for a sign:
Is it in the highest good for all concerned for this little guy to join our herd? If yes, please send me a very clear sign!!!!

The intuitive response I get is immediate and funny: “What more of a sign do you want!? We’ve dropped him into your lap!” And this recognition came with one of my signs of Truth- tears. Indeed for almost a year now I’ve been asking for the perfect horse for Greg to drop from the sky and land in our laps, for free.

And here he is, not exactly free, but requiring no exchange of money. He just didn’t come in the package we expected.

So, we’re being asked to trust that this will indeed turn out to be the Perfect Horse at the Perfect Time. That he will be carrying gifts we are meant to receive right now, and that we will offer him equal in return.

We’re being asked to act on the mere belief that there is a very good reason that this particular horse has been dropped in our laps at this particular time- even if we don’t know exactly what that reason is.

SynchroDestiny asks one last time, “Are you willing to make this leap?”

Throwing caution, doubts, and fears to the wind, Greg and I answer, “Hell, yes, why not?- let’s go for it!”

He is arriving and I can’t wait to watch the magic continue to unfold!

You can learn more about SynchroDestiny, a concept put forth in a book by the same name written by Deepak Chopra here: SynchroDestiny

Can you share a time when SynchroDestiny worked it's unexpected magic in your life???


  1. Reading this is SynchroDestiny as I just learned this phrase this past week while visiting Deepak Chopra's website!

    We have a lot in common Jenn - I look forward to meeting you!

  2. A concept I've often talked about and been aware of but never had a name for.

    And I think it may very well be working in my life right now.....