Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heart Centered Connection: The Key to Success in All Relationships!

Ever wonder why your horse sees you coming up in the pasture and turns to walk away? Sort of hurts your feelings doesn't it! At least it used to hurt mine!

That's because most of us have a dream of an amazing bond with our horse- the kind where the horse willingly leaves his buddies and the luscious grass to trot TOWARD us with a warm welcome whinny!

I think one of the reasons this often happens is that frequently we approach the horse with an attitude of "What can I do TO him today?" rather than "How can we BE together?"

The horse immediately picks up this attitude that basically, he's an object to you.

But, he'd rather be a partner and enjoy a connection WITH you.

He'd rather you focus FIRST on BEING with him, and once that connection is established, he's much more willing to DO with and for you.

Heck, the same is true for all of your relationships, isn't it?!

If you approach anyone- co-worker, spouse, child- with the attitude of what they can do FOR YOU- they bristle and it's not very successful.

Approach the same person, with the same request, but come from a place of curiosity to who they are in that moment and what their needs might also be- and you've opened the door for cooperation.

That's why learning to create heart-centered connection is a success skill for all of your relationships!

Learn more about how you can create that connection!

Listen to my interview with Glen from Horse Tip Daily:
Tip #8- Sharing Your Heart with Your Horse

Or watch my YouTube Video:
Creating Heart Centered Connection with Your Horse

Give it a try soon and stop back by to let me know what happens when you connect from the heart first!


  1. DR Jenn,
    It's the Dis-Connect that makes us frustrated with others, isn't it? We feel lost or lonely and don't realize how easy it is to fix that

  2. I agree, feeling disconnected- to yourself, others, and our animals- is epidemic!!!

    Th solution: opening your heart to yourself first and really allowing all of your true feelings to surface, your true thoughts and wishes.

    And then sharing that truest, most authentic self with others, including your horses and pets.

    We can never connect from anywhere but our most authentic self!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Dr. Jenn

  3. Dr Jenn - I'm so glad I heard of you! I have felt very strongly that I must continue to explore how animals and people can heal one another. Your video reaffirms this for me yet again! I heard of you from the Good Vibe Magazine. I was moved to tears!

    I know how that immediate animal-person heart connection feels first hand and it is genuine and wonderful. I am beginning anew after a lifetime of only half-living my life. My journey to wholeness began with my working with animals - dogs in my case. As time went on, I found my confidence and strength returning in new and amazing ways. The more I communicated from the heart, the better the animals and I understood and appreciated eachother. What advice might you offer to someone wanting to establish a center like the Healing Hearts with Horses center? Where to begin? Thank you and blessings!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, over from the Good Vibe Coach!! She's the best, isn't she?!

    So glad you enjoyed the video and that you have already found that heart-centered connection is healing!!! Just creating that connection starts the healing, and it goes both directions! Dogs, cats,horses!

    Where to begin to establish a healing center? With your heart and passion of course! ;)

    Follow your energy to know what to offer and where to get training. Whatever excites you- follow it. And once you have some training under your belt- just get right in there and practice with anyone who will play with you.

    Don't worry about being right- just get started and allow the process to educate you. Offer free "Sessions" to as many people as you can in the beginning- until you are feeling confident.

    Then keep learning, reading, and getting training as you start to hang your "shingle."

    Keep your passion alive for your project, hold your positive intentions clear, and keep taking one step at a time ahead. Take any action, just keep moving and before long, you'll be amazed at where the process naturally takes you!

    Good luck and best wishes!
    Dr. Jenn