Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Horse's True Mission of Inspiration: Thanks Kim McElroy!

If you are a horse lover and don't know Kim McElroy- you've got to check her out!!

A masterful equine artist, she paints mystical, lyrical, soul-touching portraits of horses. She doesn't just do typical portraits, she's also gifted at portraying the spiritual essence of horse and rider. Further, she's a talented poet/writer, bringing in spirit-filled messages that speak directly to our souls.

If you are a fan of Epona Founder, Linda Kohanov's books, The Tao of Equus & Riding Between the Worlds (highly recommended BTW) , you may be familiar with her other work- a book and card deck, Way of the Horse. Kim McElroy is the artist whose images adorn these gorgeous cards.

I especially enjoy Kim's e-Inspirations newsletter, which also links to her Spirit of Horse blog. Weekly you can read about the latest inspiring images and words, and learn about where her Inspiration for the images come. It's one of the only e-newsletters I gobble up immediately every time it comes!

All of that is by way of introduction so I can share with you one of her latest Inspirations. This piece of inspired writing touched my soul so deeply that I got tingles and tears in my eyes- signs for me of Truth, with a capitol T.

If you are a companion of horses in your heart and they are in your blood- I imagine that this will speak directly to you as well.

I believe that part of my mission is spreading the very same message that is the essence of this writing of Kim's: That horses are here as healers of the spirit and that they are waiting for us to recognize the gifts that they have come to share with humanity. All we need to do is open our hearts to join them.

If you find yourself in agreement, let's work together to spread the word of Horse's True Nature, wide and far, because as the poem ends, there is indeed, much work to be done!!!

Luminous by Kim McElroy

Once there was a Being called the Beekeeper
He happily and diligently tended his hives
Only instead of bees, they were full of horses…
Horses of every size and shape, color and breed.

With the Beekeeper’s blessing,
One by one the horse beings left the hives.
They flew to the Earth realm, disguised as earthbound creatures
Only instead of seeking flowers, they sought human beings

The horses were most drawn to the humans that were open-hearted
Only those humans could be pollinated with ideas and inspirations
With this miraculous partnership, the horses and humans thrived.

The horse beings are still working to this day…
Patiently waiting for more human beings to bloom
So they can continue to share their knowledge.
There is much to be done.

Read Kim's original blog post on Luminous

Readers: Please share your reaction to Kim's BeeKeepers message!

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  1. lovely and well spoken, still waiting for some of my horse friends to soften their hearts and bloom!