Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Special Report: Summer Solstice Celebration!

Wow! We had such a fantastic kick off event at the Solstice Celebration at the Ranch.

Thanks for everyone who came out to play on Sunday! We had such a gorgeous, loving, kind-hearted group – and their combined energies were amazing!

A special shout-out of appreciation to members Sean and Xakon for their drumming expertise and for bringing their drums and some extras so everyone could enjoy feeling the beat!

We had several powerful healing experiences, but I have to say my favorite was the drumming circle, followed by the Journey Ride Meditation. Why? Because we had all sorts of other-worldly guests supporting our transformation!

Just as we began drumming, a rainbow formed and stayed with us throughout the drumming, only fading as the drumming wound down. Our sometimes sighted, Antelope Stag even came out for the healing sound! I wonder what medicine he brought for the journey?!

And even more profoundly supportive of healing, our lovely co-facilitator Jen Tomas, saw an incredible vision of love surrounding the group during that activity.

Behind each person, she saw an angel or guide, each holding hands, forming a circle behind our circle. And then, there was another circle of angles and guides behind that circle. The circles continued outward to infinity- all there, sending light and love, holding space and supporting our transformation!! What a glorious gift of healing!

And lastly, although most people had to take off before our final Ranch Blessing Manifestation Meditation, I have to tell you, our co-leader James led an extraordinarily potent chanting meditation to help the Ranch manifest into reality as a glorious healing retreat. This group chanting was amazingly powerful and if you or your group needs to manifest something, I suggest you get in touch with James and have him lead this meditation with you! I can tell it’s one of his gifts!

What people were saying:

"An incredibly beautiful place, and a deeply spiritual experience. Dr. Jenn and husband Greg are incredibly warm and gracious hosts -- and the Happily Ever After Ranch couldn't have been better named!" - Sean

"It was really really great. Very energizing and uplifting....Complete with a real rainbow, horses, rain and sun and incredible venue. Just wonderful, thanks Jennifer." - Kristin

"Already, it's like a powerful network of healers, magicians, lightworkers and just downright loving beings. There was a magic and a symmetry, as well as a profoundly supportive connection with nature present every moment...It was simply a beautiful time which left me charged and enriched. Superb!" - James

Well, that’s the update from the ranch and we most definitely hope to see you next time!

We’re in the process of setting up the next Healing Circle. Tentatively, it’s scheduled for the afternoon of July 19th. And if you got to meet Sean at this Circle, you know you don’t want to miss this one! He’ll be leading a Health Rhythms Drumming Session. The healing benefits of such a drumming circle are outstanding. Pencil it in- more info to come soon!

And if you’ve got ideas for future Circles, let me hear from you!

Until then, be a blessing to yourself and everyone around you!

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