Thursday, June 11, 2009

Healing with the Herd: Attracting Your Soulmate

I bet you are wondering how on earth a horse could help you find love!

Let me share a healing adventure story from the ranch, so you too can apply what a recent visitor learned about attracting love.

If you’ve been attracting everything but the perfect partner, all it means is that something in your body, heart, and mind isn’t in perfect alignment with creating beautiful love.

You might know what that something is that is standing in the way, but many times, we do not, because it’s tucked away in our subconscious, long forgotten, but not gone.

For a recent visitor, whom I’ll call Alex, that something was a deep-seated feeling of being “unseen.”

Acquired during childhood, this map continued to play out in adulthood, helping her attract one romantic relationship after another where she got to star in the role of not being seen or appreciated for her full, beautiful self.

The horse she selected to work with, Serendipity, helped her bring that core issue to the surface by acting like yet another being that seemed to not see her, triggering in Alex that familiar feeling of wondering if she was liked at all.

The healing horses are brilliant like that! They sense in you exactly what needs to be addressed and act in ways that bring out the pattern or emotion. Once the issue is fully “up” for you and you are experiencing it, you have the opportunity to transform and release it. What a gift!

Then sitting on top of Serendipity, I led Alex through the heart-centered coaching process, where we looked more at where this issue of feeling “unseen” lived in her body. We discovered that it felt like a dark, heavy blob around the chest area. It held a disappointed and lonely feeling inside of it- yet the message her body wanted to share was that it could be a different way.

Was Alex ready to embrace a new way and let this part of her go?

Yes! So next Seren and I helped her dissolve this block and replace it with something that would serve her. Once you set a firm intention to leave behind a block, the horse’s massive energy field is able to help you neutralize stuck or negative energy.

What did Alex want to replace this feeling of being unseen with?

We allowed an image to come to Alex’s awareness, then elaborated on it:

It was an enormous pink, tingly, laughter-filled heart.

Both of us smiled as the image came to life, knowing it was perfect. And as Alex sat on Seren, we walked a circle to help embed this peaceful, loving image into her body.

We paused for a moment to reflect and ask Seren
how Alex could use this heart to further her healing. Alex suddenly got the image of a glorious sun shining forth it’s warmth.

At just that moment, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, offering it’s warmth and Alex spread her arms high and wide to welcome in the healing heat.

Ah, of course! What a wonderful idea! That happy pink heart, now filled with warmth could be used as a soulmate magnet!

We walked another circle, sending that loving, happy vibration out into the Universe, with the intention of calling in The One. A gorgeous red-tailed hawk appeared overhead. Hawk is known as a Messenger so we imagined him taking this message of her readiness for real love out to the world.

Now, instead of sending out a vibration of being “unseen” which attracts more partners who won’t meet Alex’s needs, she’ll be sending out a different signal, to everyone she meets- that she’s happy, whole, and ready for a loving, sweet, and playful partner to join her.

As Alex gave Seren a thankful hug, I suggested that she use that image of her huge tingly happy pink heart every day.

For even a few minutes daily, she should send that feeling out to the Universe, expecting, knowing that her perfect partner will be on the way.

And it will be so!

It can’t be any other way, because she has shifted a fundamental vibration that was getting in the way of success.

By bringing that happy pink heart out of hiding, the coaching session helped Alex re-experience what it’s like to BE loved.

Remembering that wonderful feeling and anchoring it in her body- she now can call on that bodily sensation whenever she’s put in a situation that doesn’t feel good. Before when she might freeze up, now she can shine her warm heart forth, unfreeze herself and handle the situation with love.

What a beautiful, healing outcome! Every time, I feel honored to be part of this process of giving people back to themselves in all of their natural magnificence. Thank you Serendipity for offering the healing gift of love so that now Alex can be offering love to herself and all those around her, including her future soulmate!

Readers: What are you ready to let go of and what would you like to put in it's place? Please share!


  1. Hi Jenn,
    What a wonderful story. Animals are the most amazing of beings. Working with us every day to help us grow and change, so that we can be who we are truly meant to be.
    Elaine xx animaltweets/

  2. Hi Elaine!

    Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. This was such a cherished healing- beautiful to behold!

    And you are right, the animals are such a gift, offering our hearts healing every day!

    Dogs, cats, horses- most of them are on a healing mission to help humanity!

    I am sure you see that all the time in your blessed work!

    Dr. Jenn

  3. Absolutely!! Where would we be without them.