Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do Horses Hold Your Energy Code?

Accessing Your Essence with Co-Creative Help from Horse

In preparation for our upcoming playshop: Uncovering Your Essence- A Co-Creative Painting Party with Horse, my gorgeous goddess Charm and I had our own painting party this weekend.

As usual for our time spent in the company of Horse, the gifts bestowed were many, powerful, and often unexpected.

To begin our journey into mindful co-creation, I started by tuning into the energy systems (charkas) of myself and my horse partner with a simple question:

What symbol or energy wants to be expressed in this area now?

When standing in Sacred Space with horse, with a still mind and open heart, our inner vision often becomes startlingly clear, offering to us the perfect image to heal our energy blockages and strengthen our systems.

In this unique creativity experience, the image that arose was painted upon the living Canvas of Horse. Through the focus required to paint the symbol, your intention remains strong- inviting the energy to manifest clearly. And interestingly, I discovered that by breathing life into the energy of the symbol for me, Charm was helping to ground and hold the new energy so that I could anchor it into my own body more easily.

Chakra after chakra I went, discovering the perfect symbols to support me in anchoring my own Essence into my body at this time.

The most unexpected symbol came for the heart chakra-
while one always expects a heart image, what came was different- initially.

As I closed my eyes, one hand upon my heart, the other upon Charm’s, I tuned into a green dollar sign, filled with the emotion of generosity, along with the knowing that as abundance flows, we can become more generous with our service of others because we are unimpeded by lack.

As I started to paint the top S of the dollar sign, I quickly recognized that the top part was the same as the first half of a heart. I giggled with the realization that my symbol was about to become a dollar sign joined with a heart. And instead of the slashes through the dollar sign, there were lightening bolts, symbolizing the power inherent when we are grounded in heartful, love-filled prosperity and abundance. A lovely ah-ha for me!

“How clever,” I thought, as I thanked Charm for helping me see before my very eyes and feel this new insight on a deep level. I knew in that moment that this special symbol would be an important one for me to use in subsequent meditations.

Another surprise was the discovery that the symbols energetically flowed into each other, building upon the last in unique and powerful ways, that would quickly become a dance that Charm and I could do together- bringing us closer to our combined perfection.

In fact, that was just what we did! Once the living canvas of my Essence, inspired with Charm’s help, was complete- together we activated the energy with combined movement in the round pen. Seeing the images flowing by, embodied by the power of Horse,
activated the energies in my own body and awareness on a whole new level.

Completing the energetic masterpiece by sitting atop my steed, I allowed Charm to help me invite these new energies into every cell and every level of my being, breathing in my own essence, made more powerful now, with the help of Horse!


See what new energies & symbols Horse wants you to help you embody! July 9th

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