Sunday, April 13, 2014

Are Your Ready to Shed your Shield?: The Parting Message of the 2014 TeleSummit

As a THANK YOU for everyone who joined in the 2014 Healing with Horse Tele-Summit, the Healing Herd has this wonderful parting message that encourages you to ask:

"What am I ready to shed so that I may serve joyfully alongside of horses, shining my HeartLight into the Darkness, uplifting Humanity through the Heart of Horse???"

Then discover a two-part process to Shed Your Shield of outdated patterns with the help of horses!

Here's what Serendipity has to share with you...

Please share!
What's your "favorite" shield?
What are you ready to shed?
How do the horses help you release outdated patterns?

See related video: Shining Your HeartLight with Horses 

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