Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Mother-Daughter Healing Team Blossoms

In the last few healing sessions, my heart has gotten all warm and fuzzy watching how Serendipity and Frolic, mother and daughter, have been working together to assist clients in dissolving blocks.

It’s becoming ever clearer that they do their work best in a tag team format. Obviously, each has their own niche and role in the healing process, because when one is done with their part, they walk off and the other steps in.

Frolic, ever curious, open, and friendly seems best at welcoming clients in, making them comfortable, and getting them in touch with whatever block most needs to be released.

With the deeper core issue exposed, Seren steps in to lead the cleansing, clearing, and releasing that is needed to dissolve a block.

It’s a beautiful dance without an obvious choreographer, each simply knowing when the time is ripe for their work and stepping in silently, willingly, lovingly.

There are barely words for how it touches me, to watch these animals I adore so deeply, work their magic.

When Seren came to me all those years ago as a barely broke 4 year old who became my eventing show horse, I have to admit I never would have guessed that deep within her was a healer waiting to serve. It was never in the plans that we would take this journey of healing together.

And I never would have guessed the reason why I felt a compelling, illogical urge to bring Seren’s yearling Frolic back with her to Colorado when Seren finally retuned to me after 5 years as a broodmare.

“We needed a yearling, like we needed a hole in the head,” as my husband Greg likes to say. And he was right, but I just KNEW she was supposed to be with us.

It wasn’t till a few more years later that I discovered WHY she was meant to be ours.

My favorite animal communicator, Kali Crosby, explained it to me after the Healing Ranch was up and running.

She said Seren calls herself a healer and when she made babies, she did her best to create horses that could also be healers. But when the time came for Seren to return from Wisconsin to me, she had not taught Frolic enough yet so she wanted Frolic to come along with her. So that eventually, they would work together as a team.

Funny- with the cranky way Seren treated Frolic, you wouldn’t have known she WANTED her around! Ah, mother-daughter antics I suppose.

I’ve been fascinated watching Seren train up Frolic in the healing arts. In the very beginning, Frolic was only allowed to watch.

As time passed, Seren would step back and invite Frolic to try the work. And as Frolic worked, Seren would occasionally walk on over and offer some advice (by breathing into each other’s noses) before departing to keep her watchful eye on the process close by.

This summer, I could tell that Frolic was taking her final exams, as most often Seren held back and Frolic took the lead. I knew she passed her test because you almost couldn’t get Seren to step in- as she was allowing Frolic the space to grow her abilities.

And now, it has come full circle, where they work together just about as equals- each playing their own unique role in the healing.

I can tell there are still some times when Frolic has more knowledge to absorb. Especially when doing deep work with me, Seren will keep Frolic back, asking her to just soak in the process. Which being so curious and helpful by nature, Frolic has a hard time doing! She always wants to help!

What a beautiful gift they have been to me- and to all that encounter them. To have my very first horse, and now her daughter, beside me- all of us with the same intention- to lead people back to their magnificent selves-the selves they came here to be.

I couldn’t wish for any finer companions on this amazing journey of healing and discovery. Thank you girls for being angels in a horse-y disguise! The transformative power of your love never ceases to amaze me.

And I can’t wait to watch the path unfold even further along side of you and the other amazing members of the Healing Horse Herd.

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