Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top 10 Reasons It Kicks Ass to Have Your Horses in the BackYard.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I turn my heart toward all that I am thankful for. Of course, the very first thing I live in gratitude for is residing on this gorgeous ranch with my amazing herd of healing horses!

To honor the depth of my thankfulness for this experience that I’ve waited my entire lifetime to enjoy, I’ve written down a few of the more compelling reasons I love living with my horses.

May they help bring appreciation into your own heart as well!

My Top 10 List of Reasons It Kicks Ass to Have Your Horses in the BackYard.

Number 10- Pony cuddle time, three times a day!! Hugs and kisses all the way around.

Number 9- When cramped for time, I can be on and off a horse in under 20 minutes.

Number 8- Star gazing with the herd, on silent nights.

Number 7- I can feed the horses in my pajamas! Thank goodness the neighbors are a few acres away.

Number 6- When the Farrier is an hour late, it’s not too awfully inconvenient.

Number 5- At my leisure, I can ride 3 horses a day- one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

Number 4- In the middle of a nasty snow storm, I don’t have to sit at home worrying if my horse is shivering, OR risk driving to the barn on slippery, snowy rollercoaster roads- I just stroll out the door.

Number 3- Anyone who’s ever boarded a horse, say it triumphantly with me now: I can feed as much hay as I want, as often as I want!!!! Shhh, don’t tell Greg, the Hay Police, that I said that!

Number 2- When the vet orders something to be soaked and wrapped 3x a day- there is a chance in hell that I may actually be able to do it!

And Number 1- My all time favorite: Bareback moonlight pony rides!

I wish you a very grateful Thanksgiving filled with appreciation for all that is well in your world and all of the gifts that are on their way into your life as we speak!

Readers: What is YOUR favorite thing about having horses in the backyard?! Please share!


  1. While eating Thanksgiving Lunch, Rosie Marshall and Buzz snuggling.