Monday, November 16, 2009

Horse Wisdom 101: Being IS Doing

Recently one of my favorite animal communicators wrote about the healing that was taking place in her relationship with her horse, Ed.

Bridget Pilloud, of Pets are Talking, writes a kick-butt Reading of the Week blog post- and I devour it as soon as it comes out- so I think you'd enjoy it too.

This week, her horse Ed reminded Bridget of one of the founding tenants of Horse Wisdom: The Power of Being Instead of Doing.

Ed is a smarty pants and apparently a bit of a poet. He described it by saying:
"We're passing the peace."

How lovely is that!!??

Bridget is right, most horse owners want to DO something with their horse. They get satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment from DOING.

That's all well and good.
Horses like that too.

But they like it best when we balance it by spending good quality time BEING together.

Just hanging out, side by side, being quiet together. Maybe gentle brushing, light touching, but mostly just being together, with your mind quietly present- not doing the usual mental gymnastics.

You can even try just BEING atop your horse- maybe bareback while they munch on hay or grass. I've got one horse who appreciates this style of togetherness.

Another animal communicator friend of mine,
Kali Crosby, tells me that horses love this quiet, 1 on 1 time together because they love to talk to us. Think your horse isn't talking? You probably just aren't listening quietly enough.

If you get your mind still, breathe deeply, and just listen for what wants to pop into your mind, you'll likely get an idea of what your horse is talking to you about.

It's the perfect time to connect Who We Really Are with Who They Really Are. And to let the love flow.

Horse are masters at Being. They don't often worry about DOING- they go with the flow- in the moment- where love resides most powerfully.

Personally, for awhile now, I've let the balance slide over to more BEING than DOING with my horses. And though I miss the action, what I've found is that the beauty of connection, companionship, and communication that comes from just being together, far outweighs the glory of accomplishing by DOING.

The best part? Once you are deeply connected by BEING together, the DOING happens much more easily and effortlessly as a harmonious team.

Readers: Head out to the barn today and try just Passing the Peace with your horse- and let me know what you feel!

Read about it in Bridget and Ed's words here: Pets Are Talking Blog


  1. Thanks for sharing Dr. Jenn. I love the idea of just BEING with my horse & try to do it often. When life gets crazy & upset invades, it's the BEING that heals...not so much the DOING. And yes, horses love when we just BE.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sarah! Love what you are doing over at!!!

    So much healing could happen if we all just focused a tad more on Being instead of Doing! :)