Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who is Your Healing Angel?

Last weekend was September 12- International Angel Day. It was also my 36th Birthday.

As I paused to reflect on that serendipitous occurance, it allowed me to honor all of the earth angels at the ranch.

If you didn't get a chance to pause last week to thank all of the angels in your life, here's my invitation to you to send that appreciation out now. When we fill the world with loving, grateful thankfulness, we really are ALL angels, uplifting the planet.

I'll go first!

My deepest, heart-felt Thank You goes out to:

Angel Greg: My super loving husband, who by ever adoring me constantly fills me with Light and Love, allowing me to share that Light with the world. Without you, I couldn't be serving my mission with such passion.

Angel Serendipity: As my first horse and leader of the Healing Herd, simply having you in my life after all of these years is enough to fill me with wonder and fuzzy warm tears every time I look at you. Thank you for offering your healing service first to me, then to the rest of the world. And, you are a remarkable teacher to us, as well as the rest of the healing herd!

Angel Frolic: From the moment you arrived into our lives, as Serendipity's baby, we knew you would be special. But there is hardly enough thanks for the amount of grounded, warm, laughter-filled wisdom you offer to us daily with your ever-increasing and freely given Love.

Angel Charm: Your utter gorgeousness and the way you fully inhabit your charm, grace, and power, but still with an open heart- is a constant encouragement for us to embody our Highest Selves and to use them flamboyantly, exuberantly to play. Thank you for blessing us with the Warrior Goddess energy every day!

Angel Beau: As the ever-friendly protector of the ranch, your steady, wise loyalty and big, deep brown eyes are enough to sustain me when Angel Greg can't be around. Thank you for standing by my side in Love.

Angel Big Kitty (Noel): From the moment you arrived on our porch starving and shivering, I knew you came for a reason. By standing so solidly in your Queenly-ness, you remind us all that we deserve to demand the love we deserve. Thank you for chosing us to share your lesson with, My Royal Highness!

Angel Squeaker: If it weren't for you breaking Greg's heart and mind open to the Awe that is Feline- he would never have known the love and splendor of Cats! Thank you for snoodle-ing with him daily- because his heart can't resist love given freely- even if it does come from a cat. And for this gift, I forgive your total lack of love for me!

Angel Little P(anther): Thank you for arriving at just the right moment to offer your tremendous gift of a furry ball of Purr-fectness. The joyful way you claim the world as your playground and use it to explore your power, athelticism, & enjoyment with abandon is a huge role model for us all. As another carrier of the Warrior Goddess energy, you challenge us to step right into our power, with no apologies. Everyone needs to know that they can still be adorable standing in your glory!

Angel Little Man: As the newest member of the Healing Herd who arrived completely by SynchroDestiny, and the only male in the Herd- we are delighted to discover that you are carrying the energy of the New Masculinity- by standing grounded in your power, relaxed and at ease, with a huge, willing, and open heart you will bring healing to the Wounded Man inside of us all. What an adventure that will be!

And to our recently departed Earth Angels, who can now
continue their supportive angel ways from the Other Side....

Angel Ice Man: Clearly there is not enough gratitude to send to you for your role as Spirit Guide in my daily life- inspiring, teaching, and prodding me into my Greatness and supporting my role as Spreader of Love into the World. Thank you for everything.

Angel J'oui: For sparking in me a depth of unconditional love that I didn't realize was possible, and for teaching me that it is time to create that love on my own and share it with the world, there are no words of thanks, just an undying connection of love that will unite us for eternity. I hold you close in deepest gratitude.

Dearest Readers, now it is your turn! Won't you please share your gratitude here for some of your sweetest Earth Angels- the people and pets in your life who offer you the healing, support, and love that allow you to become all who you are meant to be!

Please share!

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