Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mystical Body Worker: The Horse

Have you met a horse that's a body worker yet?

I have, let me share my adventure with you.

From the time I arrived at the Buffalo Women Ranch, in SW Colorado, I was intrigued by one horse in particular. A big-boned black horse with a mysterious eye- she was the embodiment of Presence & Power.

I knew we were supposed to do some work together, because where ever I went, I felt her stare follow me. And whenever I came close enough, she wanted to touch me.

When our round pen session came, I was expecting fireworks- perhaps emotional floodgates being opened to cleanse ancient wounds. I don't know.

Instead, I got a healing of a different sort.

Loose in the pen, Star came directly to me. And she began working me over. Mostly with her muzzle, she'd rub those huge, powerful lips all over my body. She started on my back, worked over my head, continued down the stomach, all the way to the feet.

It was a bit disconcerting, having to trust this large-mouthed new friend, as she worked tirelessly, for more than 45 minutes! But holding so much chronic pain in my body, I was willing to receive help however it came!

At the time, I didn't know WHAT on earth she was doing. But I knew it was important work, because she took it very seriously and never took a break- she was focused and on task the entire time!

Which, if you ask any horse person, is a highly unusual level of focus for a horse, especially given it's freedom!

When she was finally satisfied that her work was complete, she took her leave of me and stood over by the gate, signaling it was time for a snack.

Amazed and in awe at what just happened, I chatted with Robbie and Charlie, the lovely leaders of the ranch- who informed me that Star is their master body worker and energy healer. Though, even they had to confide that they had never seen her quite to intensely focused and for so long!

The effects weren't immediate and I went to bed wondering what on earth to expect from such horse service.

The next day, I drove the long 10 hour drive back to Denver, with a horse trailer in tow.

It was exhausting, but when I got out of the truck after our epic adventure- I was amazed to notice that I strode away standing taller and straighter than I had in years! And, standing like that took NO EFFORT at ALL.

Usually I'd have to man-handle my body into such a posture and the muscles would become so tired from their effort they'd completely refuse after a short time.

I smiled an enormous smile of gratitude, "Ah, sweet friend Star, this was the gift you bestowed upon me yesterday!"

No doubt, she also released emotional wounds that went along with those physical pains.

I found the change remarkable and my eyes were forever opened onto a new vista of how Horses are Natural Healers- here to help give us back to our selves- in full health, happiness, and vitality.

Thank you Star for opening my heart and mind and showing me one of the many ways horses have come to heal us!

Readers: Have you met a Body Worker masquerading as Horse? Share your experience!


  1. Wow! Dr. Jen, I have heard of horses helping you understand energy and confidence but I have never heard of this and it makes absolute sense.

    I am exicted to hear about this.

    Are you doing to be doing more with this?

    Iyabo Asani

  2. Hey Inner Genuis Coach- thanks for stopping by!

    Yeah- it seems pretty miraculous, doesn't it! Gonna be doing lots more of this work.

    In fact, got a video almost ready to show you guys what horse healing, energy work looks like, thanks to Frolic's serendipitous healing with my husband Greg the other day!

    Stay tuned for many exciting new adventures!

    Dr. Jenn

  3. Happy to read these! Thank you so much!
    I had a traumatic birth, I had to be separated for 5 days in incubator, mother had severe stress during pregnancy with me. (Higher stress hormones then love hormones.) I have broke off all my relationships all my life, I get a haunting sense I do not belong any where & have fear of commitment.

    When rubbing the tummy of mare horse, (she always asks for her tummy to be rubbed) I reach through fence to do this,as I only visit horses & do not own. I got strong sense of belonging, motherly love & nurturing seems like healing energy for feeling I do not belong any where!

    Then I heard "Oxytocin & other hormones" I was receiving love healing via the hormones the mare was generating while grooming her! Really amazing! I read how horse therapy heals postpartum depression & bonds baby with mother!! :)
    I asked her if she could help my fears of the other horse near by. Few minutes later, she walked around that horse, he followed her to me near fence, then I rubber her tummy, then he nibbled at her neck...I got validation of acceptance, that I was one of their heard family. I felt love & belonging from them & the fear of being near the other horse left!(If I keep my hands out of his face)
    I can not seem to go a day with out being near horses now!
    Thank you for sharing such awesome stories that I do not think I am going crazy... :)


  4. B! It's amazing how horses can intuit the ernrgy we need to feel whole agaian and offer it to us, filling in those spaces in our being where are are ready to own our self love and worth! I'm so glad you connected with these horses and accepted their offerings! The horses are almost always offering us something and they are so grateful when people come along who notice what they are doing- like yourself-this is the biggest gift back to them- to see them and thank them for simply offering who they are to help us heal! :)